KCFL volunteers on a mission to shut down the Tiller late-term abortion facility within 7 years
(See Project LPPPA)
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Over 49,000 hours of volunteer service since Mothers Day, 2004... and as of today, July 20th, 2024, no valid arrests
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After failing to get the Crosses removed from the area via legal means, abortionist Tiller responded to KCFL's Project LPPPA volunteers with a sign of his own.
Tiller's Sign

Each day that the Tiller Abortion Facility is open for business, KCFL volunteers set 167 white Crosses on city property adjacent to Tiller's building.  Each cross represents a child that was killed at the facility during the previous month.
(167 is calculated from Tiller's reported numbers)

A distraught father from Indiana left Tiller's waiting room to dedicate one of KCFL's Crosses to his son who was killed by abortion that same day. Before returning to the waiting room, he knelt in prayer in front of this cross.

Botched Abortion
KCFL informs the Kansas Legislature and the public about botched abortions:
Nine ambulance runs since May of 2004.

KCFL holds Tiller accountable for any botched abortions that result in the death of the mother.
(See September 15th Press Release)
Christin Gilbert

Memorial Cross
Cross Vandal
The Crosses invoke a strong public response.  Here above, in 2004, a vandal breaks 149 Crosses to express his feelings about the abortion controversy. In 2016 another confused young man stole twelve crosses, which were recovered by the Wichita Police. To keep from going to jail, the young man wrote an apology letter and KCFL declined to press larceny charges against him.

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback accepts the 2005 ProLife Signature Ad from KCFL Volunteer Greg Gietzen.

Senator Sam Brownback
Sage Elizabeth Terry Read with a Save
As of today, July 20th, 2024, Project LPPPA has logged 395 saves - - - (this counter is stuck, the actual currnet count is 520) - ...as counted by our conservative counting method.  The babies shown here are just two of those saves.  Sage Elizabeth, the child on the left, was minutes away from being killed by Abortionist Tiller, when her mother, Andrea, had a change of heart.
"…Suddenly I asked myself, what am I doing in here? …I knew I had to leave! I did not want to have one of those Crosses out there be there for MY baby."   (See the Sage Elizabeth story)

In the photo on the right, KCFL volunteer Terry Read holds Natalie. Natalie's mother came back to thank the volunteers for leading her away from abortion. (See the Incident Report dated June 24th, 2005)

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