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The Kansas Coalition for Life currently sponsors on-site work at three abortion facilities in Kansas; (1) South Wind in Wichita, (2) Aid-for-Women in Kansas City, and at (3) Planned Parenthood in Overland Park.   One of KCFL's on-site methods involves volunteers at the gates of abortion facilities to offer help and positive alternatives to mothers who are about to kill their child.   Volunteers are present on the dates and times when each facility is open for abortion services, but not every day is a killing-day at these abortion facilities.

When KCFL volunteers offer positive alternatives to the pregnant mothers as they enter the abortion facility, they offer everything from direct financial aid, to housing, legal services, transportation, counseling, medical care and / or anything imaginable that may help the expectant mother make a life-saving choice.   The KCFL offer of help is not limited to the needs of the moment; rather, we remain a resource-of-last-resort for that mother until her unborn child turns 18 years old.

KCFL on-site volunteers are non-paid staff who have the authority to commit KCFL resources, as needed, to save a human life.   The KCFL on-site project is currently the largest and longest-running project of this type in America.   It has been copied and used in several other locations in the USA and around the world, particularly in Africa where a KCFL 'Sister Organization' is currently successfully using the same concept of 'helping the pregnant mother,' to remove the perceived-need-for-an-abortion from her mind!

KCFL's on-site work started on Mother's Day, May 9, 2004, as a seven-year plan to shut down the Tiller Late-Term Abortion Facility in Wichita.   The plan, called 'Project Love, Prayer, and Persistent Political Action' was to keep an on-site presence at Tiller's gate during every hour that the abortion chamber was open for business, so that the abortion-bound mothers would have someone to turn to, in the event that they changed their mind about having their child killed.   At that time, the Tiller Abortion Facility was the busiest late-term abortion facility in the Western world, (we simply do not know what went on, or goes on, in China) with late-term abortion clients coming to Wichita from all 50 states, Canada and Europe.   The average day was 7:00 am to 6:00 pm or about eleven (11) hours every business day.   However, sometimes the hours were much longer.   When the Tiller abortion facility was open 24 hours per day, dedicated volunteers, sometimes driving long distances, stayed on-site for day-long shifts, even eating and sleeping on-site to provide complete coverage for every hour that the abortion facility was open for business.

Although the plan started out with only a handful of people, it grew to over 650 on-site Christian volunteers from all over the United States who were willing to take an on-site shift.   Instead of taking a normal vacation from their jobs, many dedicated individuals traveled to Wichita to help with what ended up being a 5-year continual, peaceful, prayerful, on-site presence at Tiller's gate.   Some of these out-of-state volunteers came to Kansas specifically to learn how the system operated, and then went on to start similar programs in their home states.

Very seldom does confrontation on-site change hearts and minds, resulting in saved lives; whereas respectful communication and fervent prayer is an unbeatable power.   Therefore, each KCFL on-site volunteer must agree to abide by the on-site rules established by KCFL, i.e., to NOT intentionally get arrested, and to always approach the abortion clients and the abortion facility staff, in a prayerful, respectful manner.

Each volunteer agrees to take a shift - usually a weekly shift, of between 1/2 an hour to 3 hours, at the same time each week. This reduces the need for continual scheduling.   The on-site presence usually lasts from between 6 to 12 hours per day.   However, in special circumstances, shifts may be as long as 24 hours per day, with multiple volunteers eating and sleeping on site.   KCFL volunteers have proven that we are willing to endure unfavorable weather conditions and harassment from abortion facility staff when pregnant mothers are coming in for abortions.   In doing so, KCFL on-site volunteers have saved the lives of over 400 babies, as counted by our conservative counting method, since the project began in 2004.

The amazing dedication shown by KCFL on-site volunteers attracted not only nationwide media attention in papers like the New York Times, but also worldwide media coverage - (see the links below).

However, not all of the action occurs on-site.   In 2004, as soon as KCFL became successful at actually saving lives and thereby cutting into Abortionist Tiller's lucrative abortion business, a 5-year legal, political and strategic battle ensued between proLife and proAbortion forces.   These battles played out not only on-site, but in Kansas Courtrooms and in the voting booth on Election Day.   Some Tiller late-term abortions were priced at between $20,000.00 and $30,000.00 each, usually paid by insurance companies who feared medical bills of hundreds of thousands of dollars if the baby lived.   Abortionist Tiller, who also had income from his Oklahoma oil wells, spared no expense at trying to have the KCFL presence removed from the public areas near his Late-Term Abortion Facility.   Seeking favor among law-makers, prosecutors and Judges, Tiller's ProKanDo PAC was a force to be reckoned with.   The proAbortion Former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, for example, owes her rise to power in large part to Abortionist Tiller's money.   Sebelius is now President Obama's Health and Human Services Director.

Nevertheless, in spite of Tiller's wealth, from 2004 and on, the proLife side made steady progress in EVERY local and state election.   By 2007, when his legal and political efforts did not prevail in ridding his facility of the KCFL Volunteers, Abortionist Tiller resorted to ramming his Jeep directly into two KCFL volunteers, bruising and knocking one of them to the ground.   However, being a personal friend of the local District Attorney, Tiller was of course not charged in the incident - in spite of the clear video evidence, produced by his own security system, which was obtained by the police, showing him intentionally ramming his Jeep into the two volunteers, steering toward, not away from them prior to hitting them.   (See News Tab 2007-Nov-06) Abortionist Tiller even resorted to having his security team plant stink bombs by the gate, in an attempt to get rid of the KCFL volunteers.   (See News Tab 2008-Feb-25.)   Eventually, fewer and fewer political leaders were willing to support Abortionist Tiller, regardless of the enticement of his money.

By 2009, Abortionist Tiller's situation was dire.   Not only was he on the losing end of the political battles at both the state and local levels, but due mostly to the efforts of Operation Rescue, by May 2009, Abortionist Tiller was within about two months of losing his medical license for ignoring and violating numerous Kansas laws pertaining to abortion.   Unfortunately, instead of losing his license to practice in Kansas, and potentially spending some time in prison, like Abortionist Gosnell is doing today, Tiller's reputation was salvaged by a mis-guided murderer who shot and killed him in his Church.   That incident was a huge political setback for the proLife movement nationwide, but especially in Kansas.   Many Kansans who were loosely defined as 'the middle-ground people' were beginning to see the logic and value of the proLife side.   Tiller's murder turned that 'middle-ground' segment of the voting public away from the proLife side, even though the murderer was never a part of any local, state or national proLife group.

On May 31, 2009, when the Tiller Abortion Facility closed, following the death of Abortionist George Tiller, the Wichita area on-site presence at his former facility ended with the lives of 396 babies having been saved from death by abortion. (The 396 saved-babies represents just under 4% of those who came in for an abortion, meaning that over 96% of Tiller's clients did not change their mind about having an abortion!)   From there, KCFL volunteers focused on work at the inappropriately named "Aid-for-Women" Abortion Facility in Kansas City, and at the Planned Parenthood facility in Overland Park.

On April 30, 2013, the former Tiller Abortion Facility re-opened as South Wind Women's Center, operated by Julie Burkhart, a former Tiller employee. Julie Burkhart employs two abortionists, Abortionist Cheryl Chastine of Oak Park, Illinois, and Abortionist Valencia Stephens of Sierra Vista, Arizona.

It should be noted that the 'Persistent Political Action' aspect of Project LPPPA actually started in 2003 and continues uninterrupted to this day.   KCFL volunteers work on a daily basis across Kansas, toward electing proLife public office-holders at all levels of government, and for the passage of various pieces of proLife legislation.

Currently, the passage of HEARTBEAT LEGISLATION in Kansas is a high priority for KCFL volunteers, because it would eliminate about 85% of the abortions currently being done in Kansas.   Our goal is to save as many human lives as possible, as soon as possible, and to make having an abortion unthinkable.

Currently, between 7,000 and 8,000 abortions are done each year in Kansas.

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