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INCIDENT REPORT:        Diana Dorland
Friday, April 4, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
5:02 PM6:12 PM
  Tiller's Gate closed unusually early this evening, at about 4:30 pm.

When the gate closed early, KCFL Volunteer, Diana Dorland went over to the Dopp's Chiropractic Clinic, just east of Tiller's facility, to use their phone to call me, (Mark Gietzen) to ask me to come and get the Crosses early tonight.

While at Dopp's Clinic, the receptionist, who had just overheard Diana's phone call to me, told Diana that she had something to tell her.

The receptionist said that on Tuesday afternoon, a young man, in his late teens or early 20's, in work clothing came into their parking lot, and parked his pick-up truck on the north side of their lot, close to the Crosses (which are displayed on city property adjacent to the Tiller Late-term Abortion Facility).

When he got out of his vehicle, the young man was holding two long-stem roses. Instead of coming into the Dopps' building, he walked over to one of the white crosses, and placed the roses in front of it.

Then, as if oblivious to the heavy traffic on Kellogg Drive, he knelt down and began to pray. Soon he was bent over, crying and in emotional distress, so much so, according to the receptionist, that it made her cry, just watching him through the large window by her desk.

He remained there in severe sorrow for about 15 minutes, before leaving, still grieving.

We do not know if he had paid for an abortion, and now felt bad about doing so, or if he had tried to prevent an abortion unsuccessfully so, or what his circumstances were.

But in any case, the grief cause by abortion is very real, and it affects more than just the woman involved.

For Tiller it was just another business transaction and a way to make a profit. But abortion is hurting America, causing real pain both individually, as this incident plainly shows, and collectively in ways not so evident but just as real.

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