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INCIDENT REPORT:        Betty Chamberlain
Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
7:56 AM9:30 AM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Betty Chamberlain, Dale Weldy, Mark Gietzen, Donna Lippoldt, and Rick Moss:

At about 8:15 am, a 25-30 year old Hispanic lady, driving a dark-colored Chevrolet SUV with Oklahoma tags (tag number on file), came into Tiller's parking lot carrying her pregnant friend, another similar aged Hispanic lady, and two small children. The driver's friend had an appointment for an abortion.

On their way in, they did not stop, but the driver simply dropped off her friend, and came back out, with the children still in the SUV. At this point, she stopped at the gate, and began a conversation that lasted about 15 minutes, with Betty Chamberlain, Dale Weldy, and me (Mark Gietzen).

The driver did not want her friend to have an abortion, but was only trying to help her. We tried to get her to go back in and bring her friend to Choices Medical Clinic, but she would not, although she was sympathetic to our efforts.

We kept talking to her until Tiller's employee, "Bonnie" came up behind her in her car, and honked her horn rudely, moving her off the driveway.

The lady had taken literature from Betty Chamberlain.

Then, at about 12:05 pm, while Rick Moss and Donna Lippoldt were on-site, the lady stopped at the gate again, with her friend in the vehicle, on her way out of Tillers.

The driver talked to Rick, and the pregnant lady talked to Donna. The driver told Rick that they had decided, at the last minute, against having an abortion, and Donna, who was talking to the pregnant lady, got a confirmation from her, that she was not going to have an abortion.

The literature that was given to the driver on the way OUT of Tillers played a pivotal role in saving this child's life.

The important lesson in this save, is that literature should be offered both to vehicles going IN and OUT of Tiller's gate.

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