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INCIDENT REPORT:        Craig Schiefelbein
Thursday, May 3, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
3:10 PM5:00 PM
  At about 4:40 pm, KCFL volunteer, Craig Schiefelbein, called and reported that the Wichita Police had just interrupted an attempt, by three young men, to vandalize the Cross display which is set up daily at the Tiller Late-term abortion facility.

The incident started when three young men, parked their pick-up truck in the parking lot of the Dopps Chiropractic Clinic, and were putting on masks and bandana's to conceal their identity as they exited the vehicle. Their vehicle had been backed-in to the parking stall, for a quick get-away.

Thinking that the Dopps Clinic was about to be robbed, a secretary at Dopps Clinic locked the entry doors and called the police. After locking the doors, the secretary saw the young men retrieve a knife and a hand-saw from their pick-up truck. This caused a serious commotion inside of the Dopps Clinic, as they prepared themselves for an attack by these young men.

However, instead of walking toward the Dopps Clinic front door, the young men, with their faces covered, walked toward the KCFL Cross display on Kellogg Drive, adjacent to Tiller's facility. (Dopps is located next door, one block east of Tiller's facility.)

The young men then lifted the first Cross out of the ground, which is secured to the other Crosses by a security cable that is intended to prevent theft. Fortunately, before they could do any damage to the Cross, the Police arrived, and the startled young men ran for their vehicle, removing their masks as they ran.

A secretary a Dopps Clinic who witnessed the scene, stated that apparently at that point the young men realized that their masks were making them an object of attention, and more conspicuous, rather than concealing themselves.

The young men did not get very far in their vehicle, before being stopped by the police.

The police did not ticket the young men, because they had not yet done anything, and, as an officer told Craig, "…unfortunately, there is no law against being stupid!"

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