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INCIDENT REPORT:        Richard A. "Rick" Moss
Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:00 PM1:42 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Rick Moss and Michelle Herzog:

At about 1:10 pm, a white sedan Infinity, 4 door, with Nebraska plates, (tag number is on-file.) approached the gate of Tiller's Late-Term Abortion Facility. The car was being driven by a Middle-Eastern-looking couple, who we later learned, are here to abort a child who is 22-weeks in gestation.

Rick Moss offered them literature at the gate, and they stopped to take it. In a brief conversation with them, Rick told them about Tiller being under investigation, and he encouraged them to go to the proLife Choices Medical Clinic, which is located next door to Tiller's facility.

They told Rick, "Thank you" but then they went on into Tiller's facility anyway. However, they kept the literature that Rick had given to them.

Then at about 1:34 pm, they came out of Tiller's parking lot again, and they stopped at the gate to talk.

This time, they spoke with Michelle, who encouraged them to go to Choices Medical Clinic.

They asked Michelle if they did 4-D sonograms at Choices Medical Clinic, and Michelle told them, "Yes".

They told Michelle that they had just had sonogram done at Tillers, which indicated that she is 22 weeks pregnant, but that Tiller's personnel would NOT let them see the images.

It was interesting that they had kept the printed material that Rick gave to them. They commented that a photo of a 22 week old baby was about the same age as their unborn child.

They went directly to Choices Medical Clinic, and remained inside Choices beyond the end of Rick's shift.

(Normally, the longer they stay in Choices Medical Clinic - the better.)

We will update this as more information becomes available.

NOTE: The curious thing about this incident, is that it would be uncommon for someone to drive from out-of-state for a late-term abortion, without having an appointment - and without knowing the gestational age of the child. Sonograms are cheap and easily available practically everywhere. If they were here by appointment, we would expect that the unborn child would have been killed by injection on Tuesday (yesterday). This being Wednesday, most Tiller clients, who are carrying babies of that age are carrying dead babies today, waiting to deliver the infant's dead body later in the week. There is something odd about this couple's situation that does not fit the normal pattern.

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