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INCIDENT REPORT:        Amy M. (Donohoo) Rich
Thursday, July 31, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:15 PM2:55 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Amy Rich:

At about 12:50 pm, a car with Kansas Tags came to Tiller's gate, and stopped to talk with Amy, who was the only volunteer on-site at the gate.

There were two people in the car, a young Vietnamese girl, and her mother who does not speak English.

At first Amy assumed that this was a mother bringing in her pregnant daughter for an abortion, but in this case, it is the mother who is pregnant and considering an abortion. The daughter is just along as an interpreter.

The daughter accepted literature from Amy and was interested in what Amy had to say; the mother was willing to wait while her daughter communicated with Amy.

As they were sitting there on Tiller's driveway, Tiller himself, who had left the facility earlier, came up behind the parked car, and began beeping his horn rudely, and waving his arms - as if to tell them to get out of his way!

Tiller could have easily driven around the Vietnamese woman's car, but at that point, they drove into Tiller's parking lot, circled around, letting Tiller get past, and immediately returned to the gate to continue the conversation with Amy Rich.

Amy was delighted, and she was eventually able to get them to go to Choices Medical Clinic.

The Vietnamese mother and daughter are currently in Choices Medical Clinic at the time of this posting!

Please pray that this Turn-Around will become a Confirmed Save before the end of the day.

<<UPDATE 2008-Jul-31, 5:00 pm>>
As so often happens, we do not know for sure that this is a Confirmed Save, and it will remain logged as a Turn-around only, counted at 50%. However, we do know that the pregnant Vietnamese mother and her daughter stayed in Choices Medical Clinic most of the afternoon, until near closing time. They did not return to Tiller's parking lot.

<<UPDATE 2008-Jul-31, 6:00 pm>>

This Incident Report was sent out by e-mail shortly after being posted. Here are some of the more poignant replies:

From: John T Conaghan, Overland Park, KS

You can count on our prayers. Your e-mail hits a little closer to home than you know. Our oldest four children are biological, ranging from 18 to 33. In 1998 we adopted 5-month-old Vietnamese twin daughters. We never met the mother but every day I am thankful to God that she gave them life. If it was today, I'd name one of them Amy.
God bless,

From: Leslie Tignor, (American Life League, Public Relations)

I most certainly do believe in the power of prayer!! and this one got a lot more than 1/4 of a minute!!

From: Robin Jackson

Please know that I gathered our family when we saw the email after work and all prayed. please keep us posted. Sometimes I wonder, Mark, if God is waiting for His people to get off their duffs and start praying before He takes Tiller out. At any rate, I know it is His battle and we must be vigilant. God bless you for keeping us all posted.

From: Judy Hageman

Mark, I just now read this & prayed fervently for them. Prayer is THE MOST powerful thing we can do, but of course! And that only because God is faithful to listen for our prayers and desires to answer them and reinforce our trust and reliance on Him. That also encourages us to go out and DO what we can, knowing how much He cares and that He's with us and behind us and going out before us.

Please let us hear the rest of this story.

Thank you for all you do,
Judy Hageman

From: John T Conaghan

Please show this picture to Amy. Abby is on the viewer's left and Emma is on the right. That's Trooper in between (he's an adopted rescue dog). Maybe Amy can show this picture to the mom and tell her that at one time these precious girls were just a couple of beating hearts like the one within her.

I might add that since they were old enough to hold a sign they have accompanied me to the life chain on 95th St, in Overland Park. It seems fitting to give them the sign "Adoption the Loving Option". By the way, Mary Kay Culp and I are something like third cousins

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