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INCIDENT REPORT:        Dixie Selenke
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:45 AM1:30 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE and TURN-AROUND; Dixie Selenke and Jennifer Brown:

At about 12:15 pm, a car with Kansas Tags, carrying a young couple, and driven by what appeared to be the Mother of one of the younger passengers came into Tiller's parking lot.

They did not stop at the gate to accept literature, however, after dropping the young couple off at Tiller's door, the apparent Mother came back out to the gate and this time she stopped and asked the sidewalk counselors for the literature which she had earlier declined.

The lady was willing to talk, and she was unsure that an abortion was the right thing to do. After talking, and looking at the literature for some time, Tiller's Security Guard, Carl Swinney came out and rudely chased the lady away.

The lady left at Carl's insistence, then drove around the block, only to come immediately back into Tiller's parking lot. This time she stopped at the gate long enough to tell Dixie that she was going in to get the young couple.

A few minutes later, all three were back in their vehicle, heading out of Tiller's parking lot. They stopped again for a friendly quick thanks to the sidewalk counselors, insuring them that they had changed their mind about having the abortion.

Carl's actions may have done more good than harm in this Confirmed Save.


At about 12:45 pm, a car (tags unknown) came northbound on Bleckley Street, intending to turn into Tiller's parking lot. The car was carrying two young Oriental or Indian (non-Hispanic) girls who appeared to be between the ages of 20 and 30. Fortunately, the car stopped on Bleckley Street, just prior to Tiller's driveway.

The girls asked the sidewalk counselors about the price of an abortion. They were not sure if they had enough money to pay for an abortion. This was an excellent opportunity to tell them that everything at Choices Medical Clinic is free of charge.

The Girls were successfully re-directed to Choices Medical Clinic and never did enter Tiller's facility as they originally intended to do.

This is being counted as a Turn-Around, only because we do not have confirmation from the pregnant lady that she is keeping her baby. However, in all likelihood, this is actually a second save today.

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