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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jennifer (Sperle) McCoy III
Monday, November 3, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:00 PM4:00 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Jennifer McCoy and Brandi Lozier:

At about 12:00 noon, just as Jennifer and Brandi arrived on-site to take their shift at the gate of the Tiller Late-term Abortion facility, in Wichita, KS, a car that had come into Tiller's earlier in the day, was on its way OUT of Tiller's Parking Lot. The car is a blue Chevy Lumina, Michigan Tag No: BWS-0150.

(The tag number is posted here intentionally, because the man who was driving this vehicle wants the world to know who he is and what he has to say!)

The car stopped at the gate, and a young Caucasian couple inside wanted to talk to Jennifer and Brandi. The pregnant lady's name is Tiffany. They are from Romulus, Michigan.

The couple had driven all night last night, from Michigan, a 16-hour drive - and had not slept since yesterday. They were highly disappointed at what they found here in Wichita at the Tiller Late-term Abortion facility.

They had arrived in Wichita during the early morning hours and had gotten a hotel room nearby at the Motel-6 on East Kellogg. They had planned on spending three days here for a late-term abortion.

Tiffany is twenty-six weeks pregnant, and she was referred here by her doctor in Michigan. (However, according to Jennifer, she looked like she was much further along than six months.)

They were leaving Tiller's facility because, in their words: "This place a disorganized mess!"

"It is certainly not the state-of-the-art abortion clinic that it is advertised to be!" said the gentleman in an angry voice.

The gentleman was mad because they had spent so much time on the road, and so much money already, only to find what he called: "a hole-in-the-wall crooked abortion dump, far worse than what they could find in Michigan." Their intent was to go back to Michigan and to find an abortionist who would do the abortion locally.

The gentleman did most of the talking, but Tiffany was in full agreement with everything that he said. He described to Jennifer how disorganized, rude, and unprofessional Tiller's employee's were.

He said; "...not only is it a disorganized mess in there, but we were treated so rudely by the employees that we finally decided to leave!"

He went on to say; "I want everybody to know that Tiller's employees are a bunch of idiots who treat you like dirt!"

Jennifer listened, and encouraged him to day more. At least one cause of the friction between this couple and Tiller's staff was that Tiller's staff wanted them to "agree" that she was only 19 weeks pregnant, instead of the 26 weeks pregnant that she actually is.

We believe that this was being proposed as a means of avoiding a sign-off from a second Kansas Physician who does not have financial ties to Tiller, as is required in Kansas late-term abortion statute, K.S.A. 65-6703 for any pregnancy beyond 22 weeks.

He told Jennifer. "It was a total waste of our time to come to Wichita for an abortion!" The gentleman added; "We are not stupid, yet they insisted on treating us like we were stupid."

Another item of disagreement was apparently cost. Was Tiller's facility trying to encourage them to lie about the gestational age of their child, saying it 7 weeks younger than it in fact was, all while still wanting to charge them the higher price of an abortion beyond six months?

The man did not come out and say that directly, but from what he did say, it is likely that this was the case.

The man re-stated; "We are not stupid… and it is not like we had no other option, other than to put up with their _ # X # X !"

Jennifer, however, was not content to have them go back to Michigan, to have an abortion.

This is where the Hand-of-God became so clear, that one could almost feel it!

By total coincidence, our KCFL volunteer, Jennifer, was born and raised in River Rouge, Michigan, about 10 minutes away from Romulus, Michigan, where this couple is from, on the southern outskirts of Detroit. Jennifer's childhood home is just 14 easy miles from Tiffany's house, both are just off Highway-94, Exit No. 198 for Tiffany, and Ex

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