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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Thursday, June 29, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
5:50 PM7:40 PM
  At 7:18 pm, during the closing shift, Tiller's Hispanic Employee, Yodi, came in to do her evening cleaning.

As she opened the gate, I attempted to take a photo of her. She responded by throwing a large cup of beer at me, getting some beer on me and some on the camera. I reported her action to the police, i.e., driving with an open container. The police came out on-site immediately.

They issued a case number: 06C49149, and asked me if I wanted to press charges for an assault. I declined an assault charge because I was not physically hurt.

Two of the three police officers present went inside of Tiller's building to interview Yodi. They later said that they could not arrest her for having an open-container in her vehicle because she was currently on private property.

Also, they said that it was her boyfriend's beer, and that she had not been drinking. (They gave her a field sobriety test.)

The officer who interviewed me was named R.L. West. # 2114.

Note: Yodi is a recent immigrant from South America, who attends Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church; her legal status is unknown. In the past, I have spoken to Pastor Monsignor Gilsenan about her working at Tiller's and he agreed to talk to her about it, but he told me that he cannot offer her other employment. Yodi's position is that she works at Tiller's because she needs the money in order to eat. I talk to her every chance I get about finding a more suitable line of work. Lately, she has been driving a new vehicle and has been very rude to all KCFL volunteers on-site, but we continue to try to communicate with her.

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