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INCIDENT REPORT:        Anna Wood
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:20 AM12:45 PM
  TURN- AROUND; Anna Wood and Joy Drouhard:

Anna was here for an unscheduled shift, and she was here with Joy Drouhard who was scheduled for this time slot alone.

As she normally does, Anna Wood called out to all the clients that were going in, usually saying "ABORTION IS MURDER, DO NOT HAVE YOUR BABY KILLED" or words to that effect.

When two young Caucasian girls came in around 11:00 am, Anna called out to them as they got out of their car and began walking to Tiller's door.

About 10 or 15 minutes later, the girls were back at the gate, leaving Tillers, having not been in long enough to have had an abortion. They smiled and waived in a friendly way at Anna Wood as they left, but they did not stop to talk.

Then right after the two girls left, Tiller's new security guard came out to the gate, and told Anna not to call out to people in their parking lot, or he would call the police.

Anna continued her practice, of calling out to clients, and apparently the police were called.

A young Wichita Police Officer came out to evaluated the situation. He talked with Anna and Joy and then seeing no violation of the law, he left without incident. He said that he had been called by someone at Tiller's. It was reported that he was polite and professional in his questioning of Anna and Joy.

The fact that the police were called is further indication that this was an actual Turn-Around of a scheduled client.

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