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The KANSAS COALITION FOR LIFE, Project Love, Prayer, and Persistent Political Action
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INCIDENT REPORT:        Diane M. Palmer
Thursday, August 30, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:00 AM1:14 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Diane Palmer:
(Reported via e-mail.)

It has been quite a day.

I volunteered to be on a "last-minute-call-list" for The KANSAS COALITION FOR LIFE in Wichita. We have a prayer vigil at Tiller's Abortion Clinic from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Last night, Mark Gietzen called and asked if I could volunteer today from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm since he had several people who were out of town on vacation.

I said; "Yes, I could do that."

While I was holding vigil at the clinic, at about 12:40 pm, a red SUV drove up to enter Tiller's clinic. The passenger window was rolled down. I stepped close to the vehicle before it entered Tiller's drive way. A young woman maybe in her late 20's, by herself was crying. In the back seat were two unoccupied child car seats.

"Can I help you?" I said.

She said; "I don't want to kill my baby!"

I said; "You don't need to kill your baby! ...I can help you! Just back up your car and I will go with you next door to Choices Medical Clinic."

She hesitated and kept crying.

I repeated; "I will help you! Back up your car and I will go with you next door. I will even go inside with you, and they will help you!"

She said; "I don't have any choice, but I don't want to kill my baby."

I again said; "Back up your car and go next door. I will take you in and they will help you!"

By the grace of God, she slowly backed-up her car, while still crying profusely. Then she parked her car next door in the parking lot of the proLife Choices Medical Clinic.

I walked over to her, and helped her get out of the vehicle. I took her by the hand and we walked into Choices Medical Clinic.

A very nice woman was at the Choices Medical Clinic Reception Desk, and she took over from there.

I briefly said to the receptionist; "This young woman was going to go into Dr. Tiller's clinic, but she does not want to kill her baby. She feels that she has no choice."

The receptionist was very compassionate to her and proceeded to handle the situation.

I left and went back to my vigil watch. After my vigil time was over I stopped at Choices and asked if the young woman was all right.

The receptionist smiled and said; "Everything is okay."

When I was at the vigil today, I had my mother's small prayer book with me. (My mother passed away 5 years ago.) On the cover of the prayer book is a picture of our Blessed Mother and the Baby Jesus. I was holding a Rosary and the Prayer Book in my hand, when this young woman drove up to enter Tiller's clinic. I know my mother interceded for me to help this young woman.

The angels surround us. We just need to tap their power to make good things happen.

I would never have been involved in the pray vigil at Dr. Tiller's if my cousin, Joan, had not made me aware of it through Operation Rescue. Now, I realize just how tainted our lovely community, Wichita, is with Tiller's abortion business here. I am thankful to Joan for opening my eyes on the abortion tragedy that exists here in Wichita.

Just maybe I helped save a baby's life today, and hopefully, a mother has found the courage to do the right thing.

God Bless both of them!

Diane M. Palmer
Independent Travel Agent
316-303-0026 (Tel/fax)
PO Box 543
Wichita, KS 67201
email dpalmer1025@aol.com

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