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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jake Redcorn
Friday, September 29, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:00 AM12:06 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Jake Redcorn:

At about 11:35 am, a white Ford Taurus carrying an Hispanic lady, came slowly down Bleckley Street, southbound, and stopped on the street while still some distance away from Tiller's driveway.

Jake Redcorn was chalking the driveway at the time, and he stopped what he was doing, got some literature, and approached the car.

He introduced himself to the lady in English, but she could not speak English very well. Fortunately, Jake can speak Spanish.

Jake asked her, "Are you pregnant?", to which the Hispanic lady gave an affirmative response.

Jake asked her, "Are you heading for this abortion business?", to which the Hispanic lady gave another affirmative response.

Finally, Jake asked her, "Are you Catholic?". Again, the Hispanic lady gave an affirmative response, …and she was clearly not comfortable being asked.

Jake told her about Choices Medical Clinic, and told her that all of their services were free-of-charge. Then Jake walked along side her car, as she drove past Tiller's driveway.

While she was parking her car in the Choices Medical Clinic parking lot, Jake went to the door of Choices and warned them that he had a Turn-Around coming in.

They welcomed her in, and she stayed in during the duration of Jake's shift.

The lady gave her name to Jake, and we will follow-up - hopefully to upgrade this Turn-Around to a Confirmed Save. Her license tag number is also on file.

(In a separate incident, Carl Swinney intentionally sprayed Jake with his water-hose, when he was washing off Jake's side-walk chalk messages, …possibly in retaliation for Jake's successful Turn-Around.)

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