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INCIDENT REPORT:        Richard A. "Rick" Moss
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:00 PM2:00 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Richard A. Moss, Faith Klug, Jennifer Brown.

Posted by: Richard A. Moss: 12-1:30 PM Shift:

Myself, along with Faith, Peter and Jenny, encountered a women, Regina, in her late 20’s to early 30’s, around 12:45 PM. She had driven by the clinic several times and then finally parked in the Choices parking lot.

As she walked by us, we offered our counsel; she gestured to wait and then proceeded into Tillers. When she came out about 10 minutes later she was emotionally distraught. We asked how we could help, and she stated she was sick from the smell inside Tillers. She looked at the Truth Truck and stated she could not go through with having an abortion.

We asked how we could help her, and she stated she was about to have her electric turned off due to delinquent bills. I offered to call Mark from KCFL for monetary assistance and he was able pay the electric bill for her.

(Mark called back with a confirmation number and we informed her that her electric bill had just been paid. The past due part that we paid was only $36.69 but that all it took to let her know that we would be there for her.)

Faith and I prayed with her and told her of all the atrocities that go on at Tiller’s. She was moved and told us she will not go through with the abortion. Regina has already been to Choices and watched the film and had a sonogram. She stated she was about 7 weeks along.

Regina has scheduled a follow-up appointment at Choices, in April. She lives with her fiancé, who may not be supportive. We told her she could come by anytime and talk with us and we told her counseling is available at Choices. God orchestrated a series of circumstances and people encounters to save her Baby—God is in control!

Rick Moss

<< UPDATE 2007-Mar-4 >>

Donna Lampkin reports that Faith Klug suspects that this lady may be the same lady whom we recorded as a Confirmed Save on March 12. If so, we will adjust the save count.

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