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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
7:15 AM8:41 AM
  TRUTH-TRUCK Road-rage:

While bringing the Truth-truck out on-site this morning, to the Tiller late-term abortion facility, a road-rage incident occurred which was the worst to ever happen to me in Wichita, and the 2nd worst overall.

My son Greg and I were in the Truth-truck, going northbound on Hydraulic street, when, in the vicinity of 47th Street South, the driver of a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck refused to let me change lanes. (I was in the center lane, and he was in the right lane.)

I slowed way down, in order to let him go on past, coming to a near stop, but he stayed right beside me, looking directly at Greg who was in the passenger seat of the Truth-truck. From his gestures, it was apparent that the pick-up truck driver did not like the Truth-truck's displays.

As we crossed MacArthur, and approached the bridge, it was becoming urgent that I change lanes, in order to get onto I-135 Highway. But, when I sped up, he sped up ...when I slowed down, he slowed down. I had been blinking "right" for about a mile at this point, so as we approached the bridge just south of I-135, I squeezed him back, by gradually changing lanes where the road narrows for the bridge. He followed close behind me as we crossed the bridge.

Immediately as I passed over the bridge, I saw in my mirror, as he jumped the right curb, and came bouncing past us, driving in the ditch, through the snow and ice, on my right side, making a bee-line, through the ditch, for the I-135 on-ramp.

The slope of the ditch is steep in this area, and Greg, said that he thought he was going to roll-over at one point.

Tires spinning, and slipping from side to side in the snow, ice and dry grass, he climbed up onto the on-ramp of I-135 and parked, such that I could not get around him.

I pulled up to within about 30 feet of him and stopped.

He got out of his vehicle, and standing on the on-ramp beside his vehicle, began yelling at me. Occasionally he would walk toward me, yelling, and shaking his fists, but not getting too far away from his vehicle.

I could not hear much of what he was saying, as it was cold and I had the windows closed and the heater on. He continued shaking his fist, making gestures at me, as traffic behind me began to build up.

Some of his hand & finger gestures required some imagination to interpret, as he was wearing large mittens.

Eventually, he got back in his vehicle, and recklessly sped up the on-ramp, nearly hitting another vehicle as he entered I-135 Northbound.

Driving the Truth-truck is never boring.

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