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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:33 AM3:10 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin and Margaret Mans:

A single black lady named Linda, who is the mother of several small children, came into Tiller's in a silver/grey van with Sedgwick County KS tags. She came in late in the afternoon, toward the end of Donna's shift.

She did not stop on her way in, but Donna attempted to talk to her as she walked across the parking lot. She stayed in Tiller's briefly, apparently only to get an information pack, and then came out.

On her way out of Tiller's parking lot, she voluntarily stopped to talk to Donna and Margaret Mans. She explained her situation, and was willing to listen and to take advice from Donna & Margaret.

She is six weeks pregnant, and the man she is living with, does not believe that he is the father of this child, as she claims he is. She is a foreign lady, and speaks with an accent, but has been in America for many years.

Her reason for seeking the abortion is primarily financial, but she is also getting a lot of pressure from the man she is living with, to have an abortion.

She took Donna & Margaret's advice, and went to Choices Medical Clinic for initial counseling, and will return to Choices on Monday for her sonogram.

She gave Donna her name and phone number and seems willing to keep this child, if we are willing to help her.

Donna will follow up on the progress on Linda, and keep in tough with her through out her pregnancy, and hopefully childbirth.

<UPDATE 2007-Mar-14>
Donna Lampkin, who was doing a follow-up on this pregnancy, found out that Linda had the abortion. (We have adjusted the count accordingly.)

Linda, who said that she was pressured into it by the father of the baby. She first lied to Donna, then broke down and told the truth.

Linda said that after the abortion, she and her boyfriend split up anyway. Linda also said that she has been depressed and crying a lot about it. She feels depressed and used, and angry at the boyfriend.

Donna is continuing to try to help her with post-abortion counseling. From what Donna has said, Linda is in need of just as much help now, as she was when she was pregnant.

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