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INCIDENT REPORT:        Terry Joseph Read
Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:00 AM12:00 PM
  At about 11 am, Terry reported that a company van with ADT Security markings came into Tiller's parking lot.

I first checked if ADT was knowingly there doing business with Tiller, or if an employee was bringing in a girlfriend or wife for an abortion, without the company's knowledge.

I first contacted 800-238-4459, a number I found on the ADT web-site. They referred me to the Wichita Office at: 316-267-0048. A lady named Crystal Moyer, whose direct line is 316-315-1416, answered the phone and eventually clarified that they were there to service Tiller's security cameras. I had told her in my first phone call that we maintain a boycott list for companies that do business with Tiller.

When Crystal Moyer called back later in the afternoon, it became clear that the local ADT office is fully aware of who Tiller is, and what he does to earn money. Crystal advised me that she had turned my name and phone number in to their company's attorneys, and that I should expect to hear from them …for threatening a boycott against ADT. I told her that I welcomed their attorney's call.

<< UPDATE: 2006-Feb-20 >> At about 12:45 pm, I received a call from a person who was planning to have an ADT Security system installed in their home. They quizzed me about the validity, and the details of the incident report (above) which is displayed on our Internet web-site. They also had questions about our Boycott List, in reference to ADT. (ADT is not yet on the Boycott List.)

At 2:48 pm, I received a call from 316-516-1903, and an irate caller began yelling at me about having his wife's name on the KCFL web-site. The call was filled with profanity, and included direct threats of bodily harm, and more serious threats if I did not comply in removing his wife's name from the above Incident Report.

Since the call included fatal threats, I called the Wichita Police at the Edgemoor Sub-station to make the appropriate report. The officer told me to maintain the "Caller ID" number which displayed where the call came from and the time that the call was made as evidence. He told me that I would have to come in, to make the report in-person.

At about 6:10 pm, after picking up the Crosses at Tiller's, I made the Police Report, in person, at the Edgemoor Sub-station. The Police Officer taking the report issued a case number. Case No: 06C012664.

KCFL Volunteer, Terry Read, who initially issued this report stated that an ADT Service vehicle was here again today servicing Tiller's security cameras.

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