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INCIDENT REPORT:        Amanda "Mandy" McGuire
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
6:19 AM8:00 AM
  HEARTBREAKING INCIDENT; Amanda McGuire and Mark S. Gietzen:

At about 7:25 am, while Dale Weldy and I, (Mark) were setting Crosses, and while Mandy was tending the gate, attempting to hand literature to the early abortion-bound arrivals, a middle-aged lady pedestrian showed up on the south side of Tiller's parking lot. She had come in earlier in a yellow Ford Mustang, with her daughter.

She sat down on a concrete parking block, holding her head in her hands. She was curled up and was hiding her face from us. She was not making any noise, but she was weeping.

After observing her momentarily, Mandy called out to her, asking her to come to the gate to talk about whatever was bothering her.

At first, she did not want to speak, but Mandy persisted, offering her help, and begging her to come and talk about it.

Slowly, the lady with her head hung low, and in an obvious state of emotional grief, came close to the gate and talked to us.

Her daughter was in for an abortion, and she did not want her grandchild dead. We went through the normal routine of trying to talk her into going in and bringing her daughter out.

Unfortunately, the lady was in total despair, and said that it was of no use… she had already tried that, and was not willing to try again.

I asked her; "Where are you from?

She said; "Here, Wichita."

Then Mandy asked her; "Why is your daughter having an abortion?

The lady said; "She already has two other children, and she recently had cosmetic surgery; a tummy-tuck... she doesn't want another pregnancy to screw that up!"

I urged her again, to go in and to try to get her daughter out. I pointed out that it was early in the day, and that the baby was still alive. I warned her that her daughter will regret this decision for the rest of her life if she goes through with an abortion.

She agreed that this event will be with her daughter for the rest of her life. She said in tears; "It will ruin her!"

I told her that if she was going to act, that she must act it now! Try again before it is too late.

Unfortunately, the lady had lost all hope. She did not take any action. Rather, she went back to crying alone, and I continued setting Crosses on the northwest side.

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