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INCIDENT REPORT:        Margaret M. Mans
Thursday, April 30, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
2:05 PM4:10 PM

CONFIRMED SAVE: Margaret Mans, Russ Krueger, Ruth Krueger:

At 1:06 two black ladies, both who appeared to be in their upper 20's or early 30's came into Tillers in a grey Sedan. They did not accept literature at the gate (according to the KCFL vehicle log at the gate).

After being in Tillers for about an hour, they came out and went directly to Choices Medical Clinic.

When they left Choices Medical Clinic - where they had made an appointment for tomorrow, they stopped to talk to Margaret.

They told Margaret that "...they had a change-of-mind, and that they are keeping the baby!" Margaret asked the pregnant one what had made her change her mind, and she just began to cry, and could not answer the question.

Margaret offered her a baby blanket, and she accepted it.

Please pray for this mother and child, and for all women who are contemplating abortion.

* * *

TURN-AROUND: Margaret Mans:

At about 3:45 pm, a black man in a Dodge or Chrysler Mini-van, with Kansas tags (Outside of Sedgwick County - Tag Number is on file) stopped at Tiller's gate to talk to Margaret.

He was with a pregnant Hispanic woman passenger, who is about 30 years old, who apparently does not speak English.

They had just stopped to look at the Truth-truck, prior to driving onto Tiller's driveway, and they took literature from Margaret when she offered it to them.

Margaret was able to talk them out of going in to Tiller's, pointing out that the picture on the back of the Truth-truck is of a lady who died here. The man was very polite, and he was suprized to hear that.

Eventually, they left northbound on Bleckley Street, but they stopped for a long time at the stop sign at Kellogg drive - apparently discussing the matter.

Then, after being completely gone for awhile, they came back to Tiller's gate. The man told Margaret that he was going in for the abortion-information pack only. He said that they did not have the time today for an abortion anyway, because he had to pick up his children and it was getting too late.

On their way out of Tiller's parking lot, they stopped a third time to talk to Margaret Mans at the gate.

This time the man was holding the Tiller Information pack in front of him, in a manner in which he would not see the banner photo on the Truth-truck.

The man said that he was afraid of the people who work inside Tiller's. Margaret tried to get him to go over to Choices Medical Clinic, but the man told Margaret that they had already been over there, and that the people at Choices Medical Clinic did not have time to see them today.

This vehicle will be added to the watch-list for this week and next.

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