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INCIDENT REPORT:        Stephanie S. Forbes
Friday, December 1, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:00 AM12:01 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Stephanie Forbes:

At about 11:30 am, a young Hispanic couple in a black SUV (Bronco?) (tags unknown), came into Tiller's parking lot, driving real slowly. The couple appeared to be about in their early 30's.

Stephanie was at the gate praying, but did not get an opportunity to speak to them as they went in. They parked on the east side of the building ...out of view, such that Stephanie did not see whether or not they actually got out of their vehicle and went into the building.

Having felt that she had not been aggressive enough in attempting to communicate with this couple at the gate, Stephanie prayed intensely for a save.

Stephanie's prayers were answered almost immediately. About 15 minutes after they had gone into Tiller's parking lot, they slowly came back out. As they approached the sidewalk, the vehicle stopped, and the young man reached over to hug the young lady.

This time, as they came through the gate, they stopped, rolled down their window, and talked freely to Stephanie. The young lady was crying, but they were tears of joy. When Stephanie found out that they had decided to keep their child, even Stephanie was in tears.

The gentleman, who did all the talking, spoke in broken English, but it was clear to Stephanie that they understood everything that she was saying to them.

Stephanie offered them free help at Choices Medical Clinic, but the young man told Stephanie that they really did not need help, because they were canceling their appointment for the abortion.

Everybody was happy and emotional except for Carl Swinney, Tiller's Security Guard.

Apparently, Carl had been watching what was happening at the gate on his security camera, because while Stephanie was still talking to the couple, Carl came running out toward the gate in an apparent attempt to bring the clients back in.

However, as Carl came running, he slipped on the compacted snow and ice, and fell completely to the ground!

Stephanie ushered the couple off of Tiller's driveway and out onto Bleckley Street, and they left the area. Then Stephanie asked Carl if he was okay.

Carl was not hurt. He dusted himself off, and went back inside.

Stephanie adds in her email on this topic: "(The Good Lord had some humor for me that day!!!)"

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