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INCIDENT REPORT:        Dale C. Weldy
Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
4:30 PM6:30 PM
  While Dale was taking a shift on-site, Randy Blasi, who was not scheduled to be on-site at the time, showed up to say a prayer before going about his construction business.

Randy knelt down on the Bleckley Street gutter, adjacent to the center of Tiller's driveway for about five or ten minutes of prayer. He was facing toward Tiller's gate. (Randy was careful not to touch Tiller's driveway with his knees.)

There was plenty of room for cars to pass in and out of Tiller's parking lot on both the left, and on the right side of Randy simultaneously, without Randy having to move.

While Randy was kneeling there, Abortion Nurse, Stacy Pack, drove out of Tiller's parking lot in her red SUV, directly down the center of Tiller's driveway to challenge Randy. She stopped within a foot or two of Randy, then laid on her horn repeatedly in 30-second-to-full-one-minute blasts, trying to disrupt Randy's prayer. Randy was unaffected by her rude action, and he acted as if he did not know that she was there.

Eventually, Stacy backed up and put her vehicle back in to her usual parking stall without leaving. (She could have left at any time she wanted to as there is 16 feet of space between either side of Randy's kneeling position and the curb.)

As Stacy was returning to her parking stall, Tiller's Security Guard, Carl Swinney, came out to inform Randy that he had just committed a Federal Offense, i.e., blocking a driveway of an abortion facility; and that he had gotten it all on video tape using the security cameras. He also informed Randy that he had called the Police to come and arrest him for his offense.

Randy waited around for the police for about 10 minutes, then left to take care of business.

The police eventually showed up, and went inside, presumably to view the video footage. After a few minutes, the police left without incident and without saying anything to Dale.

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