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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Friday, November 3, 2006
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11:30 AM3:30 PM
  The Story behind the new on-site Angel Statuette:

On Friday, November 3, 2006, at about 12:30 pm, a middle-aged lady who had parked her car on Bleckley Street, just south of the Truth-truck, approached Donna Lampkin and Joy Drouhard, who were on duty at Tiller's gate as sidewalk counselors.

At first, the lady did not say anything to either Donna or Joy, so Donna asked her if she was a new KCFL volunteer on Mark's list. She did not know what Donna was talking about, and just shook her head "No".

Donna became suspicious that she may be a post-abortive woman, and asked Joy to talk to her.

As soon as Joy began talking to her, she began to cry, and in words wrapped in emotion, she said that she was here to try to "stop them from killing her grandchild".

In tearful conversation, the lady told Joy that her teenage son had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, and that she and her son had asked the girlfriend and her mother to keep the child. They had hoped to obtain custody of the child until her son and his teen-age girlfriend could get married, after they completed school. This lady had agreed to pay all costs involved, and there would be no requirement that the teenage girl had to marry her son.

Unfortunately, the mother of the girl who was pregnant, just wanted to get rid of the baby, and she was insisting on her teenage daughter having the abortion ...even though the teenage daughter did not want to have the abortion.

While Joy and this lady were talking, a car approached Tiller's driveway. It was the Mother and this lady's son's girlfriend, and the pregnant teenager coming in for the abortion appointment.

The tearful lady tried to stop the car but it did not stop. The driver, who was the mother of the pregnant teenager, clearly had seen the boyfriend's mother, but she apparently did not want to speak to her any more than they already had spoken at an earlier date.

As the mother and daughter walked across the parking lot to Tiller's door, Donna pleaded with them not to kill the child, as she normally does, but they went in for the abortion without stopping.

As soon as Donna found out that this was the grandmother of the child who was about to be killed, she attempted to get the lady to go in, to try to stop the abortion, but the lady felt that she had done all that she could do at this point, having met with the girlfriend's mother several times before in an effort to save her grandchild's life.

The woman began to cry even more, praying to God ...just begging for a miracle that would save the life of her grandchild.

The emotion of the moment was such that it caused Donna and Joy to cry with her.

Donna and Joy attempted to console the woman, but at about 1:20 pm, she left, still in tears, and filled with sad emotion and grief.

Then, on November 7th, Election Day, the woman came by again. This time she did not say anything to anyone. Quietly, she left a small Statuette in the shape of an Angel, on-site by the saw-horse sign, in memory of her lost grandchild.

On the bottom of the statuette she wrote: "Roby" "November 3, 2006."

We will keep the statuette on-site as a memento, along with the 167 Crosses that we set every morning.

Please pray for this troubled woman, her teenage son, the teenage mother, and for her child who was killed at the Tiller late-term abortion facility on November 3, 2006 against her will.

Abortion hurts more that just the woman and her child - it can, and often does hurt many others who are related to the preborn child.

<<<UPDATE 2006-Dec-11>>>

I had mentioned this story at the Operation Rescue Christmas Party, and today, Operation Rescue did a nation-wide PRESS RELEASE on this topic.

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