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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Friday, March 16, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:30 AM12:30 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin and Dale Weldy:

A young Caucasian couple, who appeared to be in their early 20's, went into Tiller's during Dale Weldy's shift at about 8:10 am. However, they came out of Tiller's parking lot just before noon, and had not had the scheduled abortion. We are not certain if this couple accepted printed literature from Dale on their way in. (The vehicle description was not reported.)

The girl, who had long straight blond hair, rolled down her car window and talked to Donna as they were leaving. She had not yet had an abortion, even though she had been there long enough to have had one. She told Donna that she had changed her mind, and that she just could not go through with an abortion.

Donna offered her help at Choices Medical Clinic, however, both the young lady and the young man indicated that they did not need help from a pregnancy resource center, and that they would be able to handle the pregnancy on their own. They declined to go to Choices Medical Clinic.

Donna offered a baby-blanket and a few articles of baby clothing, and the young lady accepted. They even waited on Tiller's drive way, while Donna went to get the blanket and clothing from her car.

As they were waiting for Donna to get the blanket, Abortionist Tiller returned to the facility, having been gone briefly, apparently for an errand. Tiller was able to drive in beside them, and they waited patiently until Donna returned. They accepted the baby-blanket and baby clothing from Donna and thanked her for them.

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