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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Thursday, September 7, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
7:00 AM7:45 AM
  Within minutes after my arrival on-site in the Truth-truck, two people, a young lady and a young man, showed up on the west side of Bleckley Street, sitting on the retaining wall at the Mazda Dealership.

While Dale Weldy and I were setting up Crosses and the saw-horse sign at the gate, they just sat there and watched us. We were not sure if they were Mazda customers, other ProLifers out to help us, or potential Tiller clients, but we thought most likely that they were Mazda customers.

However, when Dale and I left the gate, and went to the north side to unload Crosses from my van, the couple began walking toward Tiller's entrance. I ran down to cut them off before they got to Tiller's gate, but when they saw me coming, they hurried in through the gate, just a step or two in front of me.

I talked to them as they walked across Tiller's parking lot, begging them not to kill the baby. The young man gave me the one finger salute, and told me that I am just making things worse for her - gesturing toward the young lady, who was now noticeably pregnant when she is standing.

The young man also said that I should mind my own business and that I did not know why they had to do this. I offered them help at Choices Medical Clinic, but they did not respond to that.

This is a case wherein it is possible that we could have saved a life, if we would have had more people at the gate - especially if we would have had a banner-team and counselors at the gate.

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