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INCIDENT REPORT:        Colleen Rose Farran
Monday, March 5, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
2:00 PM3:30 PM
  Colleen R. Farran:

At about 2:50 pm, a young lady in an old red Mazda stopped at the gate on her way OUT of Tiller's and talked to Colleen.

She asked Colleen if she could have two Crosses from our display on Wichita City Property. She wanted one for her baby which she apparently had just aborted, and one for her sister, who had an abortion at Tiller's some time ago.

Colleen gave her two Crosses, and the lady thanked Colleen for them.

On Tuesday, March 6, I (Mark Gietzen) learned Colleen where our two missing Crosses were, and I called the lady from a number on yesterday's caller I.D.

The lady feels really bad about the abortion, and wanted the Cross to remember her baby. She said that she was not able to carry the baby for “health reasons”. She knew that if she had a Cross for her baby, that her sister would want one too, to remember her baby by, so that is why she asked for two Crosses.

Surprisingly, she knew that each of our Crosses stood for a baby, and had no doubt that she had killed her child.

She is under the false assumption that the baby "had to be killed", when in reality, there is no such condition that requires the death of the child.

Without making her feel unnecessarily bad, I urged her to call us if she ever became pregnant again. I told her that there are other options aside from abortion.

She remained convinced that the was not going to be able to carry the baby to term - which may well be the case. She thanked me again for the Crosses.

The fact is, there is no condition known to medicine wherein a dead baby is necessary for the mother to live.

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