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INCIDENT REPORT:        Margaret M. Mans
Thursday, July 19, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
2:00 PM4:00 PM
  TURN AROUND: (TWINS) Margaret Mans and Donna Lampkin:

At about noon, a black lady who is five months pregnant with twins, came into Tiller's in a Taxi.

A short time later, the lady told Donna at the gate that she had been delivered to Tiller's by mistake, and that she was intending to come to Choices Medical Clinic. However, she is abortion-minded, and is considering an abortion because she is in an abusive relationship; - so whether she ended up at Tiller's by intention or by mistake is unknown.

(Note: The taxi was an American Cab, and they do not deliver clients to Tiller's address - so if her story is true, it makes sense that she may have been dropped off at the wrong address.)

She went into Choices Medical Clinic, but some time around 3 pm, she came out and talked with Margaret Mans. She was not sure what she was going to do.

She tried to explain and justify her reasons for wanting an abortion, and wants to have the abortion while her abusive boyfriend is out-of-town.

She is scheduled for a follow-up appointment at Choices Medical Clinic, but indicated that she may not keep that appointment, if she has already made up her mind to have the abortion, or, of course, if she aborts before the July 31st follow-up.

She talked at length with Margaret, and took literature from Donna and clothing and a diaper bag from Margaret. She exchanged phone numbers with Margaret Mans and later in the afternoon, was put in touch with Birthline.

Both Margaret and Donna intend to follow-up on this Turn-Around.

<<UPDATE 2007-Jul-31>>
Margaret and Donna have continued communication with this girl. She is still pregnant and accepting help from Margaret.

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