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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mrs. Mary LaFrancis, R.N.
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
1:00 PM4:50 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Mary LaFrancis and Jennifer McCoy:

At about 2:30 pm, a pregnant young black lady who appears to be about 20 years old, came walking southbound on the Bleckley Street sidewalk, alongside the KCFL Cross display.

Seeing her coming toward Tiller's gate, Jennifer McCoy hurried northbound on the sidewalk to meet her in a location as far from Tiller's gate as possible, in order to maximize the time that she would have with her.

Mary LaFrancis, who is here to help with the 40-Days for Life project, is a Registered Nurse from Iowa, and she was on-site in her Nurse's clothing, to replace Jennifer McCoy at the gate. Mary stayed at the gate while Jennifer went north on the sidewalk to meet with the young black lady.

The young black lady had apparently walked from the Wichita Suites hotel, or for lack of parking in Tiller's lot, had parked in the Dopp's Chiropractic Parking Lot, and she had an appointment at Tiller's today.

In any case the young lady was very willing to talk to Jennifer and to listen to Mary LaFrancis. She could see that Mary is a nurse, and she listened to all that Mary and Jennifer had to say.

She took all kinds of literature at the gate, and then, after hearing about Tiller's current Trial, and seeing the hand-out literature about Christin Gilbert who died from an abortion at Tiller's, she changed her mind about having an abortion.

By the grace and help of God, she decided instead to go to Choices Medical Clinic, where she remains at the time of this posting.

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