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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jennifer (Sperle) McCoy III
Thursday, March 19, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:30 AM3:15 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE: Jennifer McCoy & Mary LaFrancis (fm Iowa).

At about 2:05 pm, while Jennifer McCoy was on site with Mary LaFrancis, she noticed a Tiller Employee, who is not handicapped, parked in a handicapped Parking Stall, in Tiller's parking lot.

Against the advice of Mark Gietzen, who, did not want Jennifer to unnecessarily antagonize the Tiller employee, Jennifer made a phone call to the Wichita Police at the East Edgemoor Substation.

The Wichita Police arrived on-site to investigate the matter, and to issue a ticket at about 2:20 pm.

The Wichita Police went inside Tiller's building, and some of Tiller's employees and clients came out to move their cars. (The parking lot is so full, that several Tiller clients were double parked.)

As it turned out, the handicapped parking stall had been moved, to the front of Tiller's building, and an abortion client was illegally parked in that stall.

The Tiller client who was parked in the handicapped stall, was a middle-aged lady from Missouri, who had bought her 17 year-old daughter here for an abortion today. Her daughter, who is 17 weeks pregnant, came out with her Mom when she was told to move her car, and once she was outside of Tiller's building, the daughter, who was crying, did not want to go back inside!

They had not yet had their abortion, and the Mother was a bit unhappy, because Tiller's Security Guard had told her to park in that handicapped parking stall.

By the grace of God Above, instead of going back inside, the Mother and her upset daughter came to the gate to talk to Jennifer and Mary LaFrancis, instead of going back inside.

The mother took all of the hand-out literature that Jennifer and Mary LaFrancis gave her, while the daughter was too emotional to communicate.

Nevertheless, the Mother (grandmother) confirmed that they did not feel right about having an abortion, and said that she felt relieved that they had decided against having the abortion.

They did not feel it was necessary to go to Choices Medical Clinic, but before they left, Jennifer gave them my (Mark Gietzen's) phone number, to be used in case they need help for any reason.

This save was clearly the work of God. The Mother repeated said: "I do not know what made us change our mind…"

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