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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jennifer (Sperle) McCoy III
Monday, September 8, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
12:04 PM4:50 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Jennifer McCoy:

At about 12:10 pm, a new, shinny-white pick-up truck with an extended cab, and New Mexico tags, stopped at Tiller's gate. The vehicle was driven by the mother of a pregnant seventeen-year-old girl named "Corina" who was in the passenger side of the vehicle. They immediately accepted some literature from Jennifer.

Corina is 27 weeks pregnant, and she told Jennifer that they had an appoint at Tiller's at 2:pm. They had arrived early because they were not sure that they would be able to find the place. They were aware that her late-term abortion was to be a 3-day procedure, and they did not want to be late in getting started.

Corina's mother can not speak a word of English, but Corina speaks both Spanish and English very well.

Corina spoke freely with Jennifer, answering Jennifer's questions, and listening to what Jennifer had to say. As Jennifer talked, Corina translated every sentence to her Mom.

Eventually, Jennifer asked them to back-up and go to the proLife Choices Medical Clinic, which is next door to Tiller's abortion facility.

Since they were 1-hour and 50 minutes early for their appointment, they were willing to go to Choices... at least until their appointment time at Tillers.

As they backed off Tiller's driveway, Jennifer called Choices Medical Clinic on her cell phone, and let them know that they needed to take them in first. (Choices Medical Clinic was nearly full of scheduled non-emergency clients.)

As it turned out, Corina and her Mom stayed in Choices Medical Clinic for over four hours! Jennifer waited at Tiller's gate until they came out.

When they came out, Corina had the ultrasound pictures in her hand. Both her Mom and Cornea were crying, and they stopped to talk to Jennifer again.

Jennifer offered more help if they needed it. In this conversation Jennifer also offered to have Corina talk to her daughter, "Ally" who is also seventeen-years-old, and is a new mother. That phone conversation went well.

Corina and her Mom told Jennifer that they were Catholic. Jennifer asked them why they were here, since they are Catholic, but they did not want to talk about that.

If they had gone to Tiller's, the sonogram prior to the abortion procedure would have been $400, paid upfront.

The abortion was going to cost an additional $7,000. However, in this case, the Abortion Federation was going to pay $2,500 of that cost, leaving the total cost for Corina, $4,900.

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