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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Friday, May 11, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
8:25 AM1:15 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin, Dale Weldy, Greg Simon, Charles McConnell and Mark Gietzen:

Shortly after Dale Weldy's other save this morning, (see details at www.kcfl.net) two pedestrians, a young white couple, in street clothes, (he in a t-shirt, shorts, and short brown hair, - she in nice casual wear and long blond hair) who appeared to be students, came walking out of Tiller's parking lot and stopped at the gate to talk to Donna.

They were friendly, and they voluntarily told Donna that they had changed their mind, and that they were keeping their baby! This surprised Donna, because she was unaware of what had happened earlier.

Background: This couple had come in this morning at about 7:20 am. They were both in the back seat of a car driven by the mother of one of the two. She just dropped them off at Tiller's and left. That is why they were on foot.

As they came in this morning, I (Mark Gietzen) attempted to give them literature at the gate. As they slowly drove by, without stopping, I asked them in a voice loud enough to be heard through the closed car-window; "Please do not kill your baby!"

The mother dropped them off, and came right back out without parking her car. Dale tried to give her some printed material as she left. She stopped briefly, and was talking to us through her closed car-window, but we could not hear a word that she said. Then she left without taking the material. (From her open-hand gestures, shaking her head "no", and her facial expression, I assumed that she was saying that she had nothing to do with their decision …or something to that effect.)

The young couple had called the mother of one of them, on her (the mother's) cell phone. It was while they were waiting for her to arrive that they spoke with Donna at the gate.

Donna asked them why they decided to save their baby, but she did not get a definite answer from them. They just said that once they got there it did not seem like it was the right thing to do, and "I really do not know why!" or words to that effect.

Like so many others, they were not 100% sure that they were making the right decision when they scheduled their abortion.

They were, in fact, an easy save, not at all opposed to the proLife view point, and they were easily influenced by what little contact we had with them.

It may have been nothing more than them seeing Greg Simon, who was on-site this morning saying the Rosary when they drove in. They passed him on Bleckley Street. Or, it could have been nothing more than the sign that Charles McConnell was holding at the corner of Kellogg and Bleckley?

Whatever the case, this is another example of that small percentage of abortion-bound clients who are right on the verge of making a life-saving decision. This is why it so critical for us to be there for every car or pedestrian who comes in to Tiller's parking lot.

Even when we cannot do much, the little that we can do, at times, is just enough to make that pivotal difference between the life and the death of an innocent child!

After talking to Donna, this nice young couple walked to the corner of Kellogg and Bleckley Street, where they waited for the lady to pick them up. According to Donna, they seemed happy and comfortable with their decision to save their child.

It was a productive and exciting morning for us; we have not had a Confirmed Save since March 17th, but in every other way it was a routine morning.

Being there at a crucial moment in the life of an unborn child, is exactly why we do what we do.

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