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INCIDENT REPORT:        Anne "Annie" Sperle
Monday, December 8, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:48 AM2:00 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE: Annie Sperle, (8 years old) and her mother, Jennifer McCoy.

Annie Sperle, who is in the 2nd Grade, did not have school today because today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. God used Annie in a special way today.

At about 12:15 pm, a red four-door sedan with Kansas tags approached Tiller's driveway, and stopped at the gate for Annie and Jennifer.

Jennifer was sitting down, holding a child, so Annie ran up to her window with the literature in her hand. The lady, a 22 year-old, Caucasian blond haired single girl, whose name is Lauren, smiled and said "Thank You" to little Annie.

Unfortunately Lauren then continued on in to Tiller's parking lot, and disappeared from view at the gate.

About a 1/2 hour later, she came back to the gate in her car, but she was crying.

She stopped at the gate again, and Jennifer offered her more printed material. (She had a Tiller information pack next to her in the car.) Again, little Annie handed the literature to her.

While handing her the material, Annie told the crying Lauren; "You can get free help next door!"

Lauren talked for a few minutes to Jennifer and Annie. She said that she first intended to have an abortion right away following the pregnancy test, (she already knew she was pregnant), but she changed her mind about having the abortion.

She agreed to go next door to the ProLife Choices Medical Clinic. Little Annie ran over to the Choices Parking Lot, and took her hand when she got out of her car, and walked her to the Choices Medical Clinic entrance.

While they were walking to the door, Lauren told Annie that she changed her mind because she read the literature that Annie had given her!

Jennifer and Annie waited for Lauren to come out of Choices Medical Clinic, and when she did, they were able to talk to her some more.

With tears in her eyes, Lauren told Annie (three times) "You saved a baby's life today!"

Lauren, who has hair identical to that of little Annie's hair, already has a 5-month old baby, by the same father, and she is hoping to get married to him some day soon.

Lauren asked Jennifer; "How many babies are saved at the last minute like this?"

Jennifer said; "I think about 100 per year."

Lauren said: "Well, …it made a difference today!"

Before they parted ways, Lauren took a small piece of paper and wrote her phone number on it, and gave it to Annie - so that they can stay in touch.

(Annie wanted to hold that paper in a photograph that I took of her. It is now on file with today's schedule.)

<< UPDATE 2008-Dec-09 >>

Jennifer arranged a 3-way phone call with Lauren. She seems like a very nice young lady. I offered her any help that she may need, financial or otherwise. She declined saying that at the moment she had family that is helping her.

I told her that she is welcome to call us any time in the future, if she needs help.

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