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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:27 AM3:10 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE # 1 and # 2, plus a SAD STORY. (These three incidents were playing out simultaneously on Thursday.)

CONFIRMED SAVE-1; Donna Lampkin, Betty Bailey and Margaret Mans:

At about 12:45 pm, a young Caucasian couple in a black Grand Am with KS tags, JA County (?) came in to Tiller's.

The accepted literature from Donna at the gate, but went on into Tiller's parking lot, against Donna's urging not to do so.

Then at about 2:10 pm, they stopped again at the gate on their way out of Tiller's.

They had decided against having the abortion, and they talked to the volunteers at the gate: Donna, Betty Bailey and Margaret Mans.

Among other things, the man said: "I am sorry for being in there!"

Donna asked them what had made them change their mind, and they both said or indicated; "I don't know."

They accepted a baby blanket from Donna, but did not want to go to Choices Medical Clinic, because they have a crisis-pregnancy center in their own community, and they said that they would be visiting there.

CONFIRMED SAVE-2; Donna Lampkin, Betty Bailey and Margaret Mans.

The second save today was the very first client to come in for an afternoon early-term abortion today just after 12:30 pm. She is from Fredonia, Kansas.

A blond lady driving - with a man in the passenger seat, came in to Tillers. She actually drove right past the volunteers at the gate, but the man made her stop... and back-up to the gate - wherein he rolled down his window and took the literature!

In an unusual gesture, the man said: "God bless you!" as he rolled up his window and they went in to Tiller's.

Seeing that this was an unusual situation, Donna and Betty said a special prayer, hoping that something could be done to soften the blond lady's heart. (This was before Margaret Mans arrived on-site.)

About an hour later, the man came out of Tiller's, driving the car, leaving the blond lady inside to have her abortion.

He explained that he did not want her to have the abortion, and that he had tried to talk her out of it.

As he was parked, facing west, talking to the volunteers, he suddenly noticed the Truth-truck right in front of him. He was shocked! (He apparently had not noticed the Truth-truck on his way in.)

He was inquisitive enough to converse with the volunteers about the stage of the "early-term" baby on the Truth-truck, being the same as his, and/or his partner's baby. (It is a good thing that we do not have a late-term picture on the Truth-truck, or early-term people like him would assume that the picture on the Truth-truck has nothing to do with their situation.)

Eventually, Margaret Mans' offered him her cell phone, to call her. He accepted Margaret's offer, but he was not immediately successful in getting her to come out.

Then, in a surprise to everyone at the gate, they caught a glimpse of the blond lady, peeking around the south-east corner of Tiller's building, trying not to be seen by the volunteers.

Once they saw her, the volunteers knew that she could hear them; so they called out to her, urging her to come out to the gate.

After a few minutes of a "peek-a-boo" scenario, the lady did come to the gate and talked to the volunteers.

By the Grace of God, she had not had the abortion, and she confessed that she just could not do it! Perhaps the last phone call from the man who called from Margaret's cell phone had made the difference.

She was not too friendly with the volunteers, but she did tell the volunteers that she had another child at home. Therefore, she did not need a baby blanket or any baby things.

She walked to the corner of Kellogg and Bleckley Streets to wait for the man to pick her up. Margaret Mans walked with her.

Then, Margaret came back to the gate, to get her lawn-chair to loan to this lady, such that she would not have to stand and wait for the man.

While Margaret was getting the chair, the man showed up and picked her up.

NOTE: This has been a good week, with a total of four Confirmed Saves and two Turn-arounds. This is lar

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