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INCIDENT REPORT:        David Schmidt
Friday, July 25, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
3:46 PM6:30 PM

When David and Irma Schmidt came out on-site at 3:46 pm, one of their first tasks, after signing in, was to walk to the north side of Tiller's building to check the large Crosses, to make certain that everything was in order. They routinely do this upon arriving on-site for their shift every Friday.

(David is 95% blind, but he is the one who builds and paints the large Crosses for KCFL, and he takes a special interest in keeping them in good repair. Irma is almost always alongside David, hand-in-hand while they are on-site.)

Everything was in order at 3:50 or 4:pm when they came back to the gate.

Sometime between 3:50 pm and 5:30 pm, someone uprooted all 23 large Crosses, and threw them on the ground, or out on the street - as far as the security cable would allow them to go.

It was a complete mess to retrieve the cable, which was tangled with the Crosses, and every Cross was uprooted and tossed about. However, due to the security cable, no Crosses were missing, and nothing was broken.

We have no idea who did this act of vandalism.

(We found that the best way to untangle the Crosses is to re-set them, then roll up the cable, and proceed as normal.)

Thank God that the security cable was put in place properly this morning by Dale Weldy.

<<UPDATE 2008-JUL-28>>

Upon reading the above Incident Report, Carolyn Moshier, an on-site volunteer who has a Tuesday shift, said that she witnessed two men pulling and throwing Crosses at around 4:30 pm, as she drove past on Kellogg on Friday.

Carolyn had called me, (Mark Gietzen) and I suggested that it was likely the lawn mowing crew, and told her not to worry about it. Carolyn objected that it did not look like the mowing crew, and that they were both working aggressively. I told her again not to worry about it.

Of course, I was wrong in thinking it was the mowing crew. Certainly she witnessed the event, but due to what I said, she did not attempt to stop them, or to get a vehicle description.

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