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INCIDENT REPORT:        Brandi Lozier (Abortion Survivor)
Friday, March 6, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:30 AM11:45 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Brandi Lozier and Donna Lampkin:

At about 2:45 pm an older white Chevy Astro Van, with Sedgwick County, Kansas tags (tag number is on file), carrying a young Caucasian couple, who are in their late 20's or early 30's), approached the gate of the Tiller Abortion Facility in Wichita, Kansas.

They did not stop on their way in, however, the man simply dropped the lady off at Abortionist Tiller's door, and returned to the gate to exit the parking lot.

This time, on his way out, he stopped at the gate to talk to KCFL Volunteers, Brandi and Donna, who are participating in the 40-Days for Life campaign.

First, the young man accepted the hand-out literature, and he immediately began looking at it. He told Brandi and Donna, that the young lady friend who he bought in was scheduled for an early-term abortion today.

Donna begged him to go back in there immediately, and to bring her to Choices Medical Clinic if they needed help.

This couple was not in need of help.

Brandi, who was holding a large "Baby Malachi Sign" told him strongly; "IF YOU WERE A MAN, YOU WOULD GO RIGHT BACK IN THERE TO GET HER, AND BRING HER OUT!"

In addition to seeing Brandi's Malachi Sign, he was sitting in a position directly facing the Truth-truck.

For a moment the man was thinking about what to do, looking directly at the Truth-truck. Then, he put his vehicle in reverse, and backed-up, back into Tiller's parking lot again, and went back inside.

He was gone for about 5 minutes.

While he was gone, Donna and Brandi were praying for a positive outcome.

When he returned to the gate, their prayers had been answered!

The minute Brandi saw her in the van with him, Brandi and Donna both cheered loudly for them!

The young lady told Brandi and Donna that she decided against having an abortion, and that she is 11 weeks pregnant.

Brandi used the Truth-truck image to further educate the young lady, saying: "That is exactly what your baby would have looked like, if you had gone through with the abortion!"

The young mother was shocked at seeing the Truth-truck image. She just stared at it. (She apparently had not seen it on her way in.)

They stayed and talked for about 10 minutes with Donna and Brandi. (The Security Guard did not bother to come out to usher them off the driveway.)

Donna Lampkin offered the couple a baby blanket, and they willingly accepted it.

It was a rich and rewarding moment!

A young couple who was within minutes of killing their own baby, were parked on Tiller's driveway (outbound) ...sitting in their van, ...looking at the Truth-truck much like a couple in a drive-in theatre sits in a vehicle to watch a drive-in movie.

Instead of leaving a dead baby behind, they were leaving with the youngest member of their family undisturbed. What a beautiful thing to be part of!

The couple did not go to Choices Medical Clinic, but said that they might go there in the future, if they needed help.

Brandi Lozier is a 40-Days for Life Volunteer from Louisiana who spends a lot of time in Wichita, Kansas, at the gate of the worst abortion facility in America, the Tiller Late-term Abortion Facility, which is inappropriately named, Women's Health Care Services.

May God Bless ALL 40-Days for Life Volunteers, and my God bless those who financially support the life-saving Operation Rescue Truth-trucks.

Please continue to pray for the success of the 40-Days for Life campaign. If you have not done so already, please consider taking a prayerful shift at Tiller's gate. If you do not feel called to do a sidewalk counseling shift, then take an after-hours shift.

To schedule a shift at Tiller's gate in Wichita, Kansas, call: 316-522-8866.

40-Days for Life is a 24-hour per day prayerful presence at abortion facilities all over America, and in some other countries. The program was started by David Bereit, formerly the Executive Director of American Life League. The lives of hundreds of babies have been saved by this program of prayerful presence at abortion facilities.

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