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INCIDENT REPORT:        Ric "Braveheart" Dugan
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
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5:30 PM5:30 PM
  At about 5:30 pm, a young man named Brian, called the phone number, 316-522-8866, listed on the hand-out material that he and his cousin, a pregnant girl whom he was trying to help, had gotten from a sidewalk counselor at Tiller's gate earlier today.

KCFL volunteer, Ric Dugan, answered the phone call, and the young man told Ric that his cousin was three months pregnant with a child that might have something wrong with it, and that he was trying to help her, and had bought her to Tillers from another state in a rental car.

However, after reading the handout material, he now was having second thoughts about helping her to have this abortion. He asked Ric what he should do.

Ric first attempted to get the man to save the baby's life, by having him bring the lady out of Tiller's facility. Ric's intention was to get him to take her to Choices Medical Clinic next door.

Unfortunately, the man said that they had already started the abortion procedure, and that the baby was already dead. (This being a Wednesday, the child was likely killed yesterday.)

The man explained that he was not the father of the child that was killed by this abortion, and that he had another friend who is pregnant and is also considering an abortion.

Ric spent about 45 minutes on the phone with this man, to persuade him to help save the life of the one who is still back home.

The young man was troubled by the abortion experience. Ric prayed with him, and he thanked Ric for his help and advice. He told Ric that he was going to try to save the other baby whose mother was considering an abortion.

Given the nature of the call, and the man's description of the girl's attitude, Ric recommended that they stop at Choices Medical Clinic before leaving town, for post abortion help.

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