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INCIDENT REPORT:        Dennis E. Boone
Friday, April 10, 2009
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:00 AM2:45 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Dennis Boone, Tami Gates, Kelsey Gates, Dustin Gates and Mark S. Gietzen:

Background: This is not Dennis Boone's normal shift. He was called in as a "last resort" to fill an Open Hole in the schedule. Dennis had to drive from El Dorado, KS to do it, because we could not find any Wichita people available to take this shift.

Tami Gates and her young adult children, Dustin and Kelsey, were here "BY MISTAKE" so-to-speak, thinking that the Good Friday Rosary event that went from 9:am to noon today at Tiller's gate, was from noon to 3:pm.

I, Mark Gietzen, am of the opinion that nothing happens BY MISTAKE - and that everything that happens, occurs because it is a part of God's plan for us.

At about noon today, a pregnant 23-year-old Wichita State University student named "Kim" drove into Tiller's parking lot, intending to have an early-term abortion today.

A young man from Oklahoma, a co-worker friend of her's, was with Kim. He was here for moral support, and to drive Kim home in the event that she was not able to drive after having the abortion.

Kim is an exceptionally attractive, young, Caucasian lady who has a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. She looks much younger than 23 years old, and she is a single mother of a baby who is just nine months old, and a toddler who is soon-to-be two. The father of all three of her children is the same man, but there has apparently been some recent relationship troubles between them. In talking to Kim, one gets the impression that the father of her three children is not doing his part, leaving her with an enormous work-load of school work and child care.

She came here to have an abortion, not because she thinks it is a particularly good thing to do, but because she thinks that she simply cannot handle another child alone.

On her way into Tiller's Parking Lot, she would later tell us, ...she caught a glimpse of the graphic billboard picture on the Truth-truck. She went into Tiller's facility anyway, thinking that she was so early in her pregnancy, that her baby was not yet formed… at least not like the picture of the dead baby on the side of the Truth-truck.

While Kim was waiting in Tiller's waiting room, along with a room-full of other abortion-bound clients, someone handed her part of the "Standard KCFL Hand-Out Literature Pack" that an unknown earlier KCFL volunteer had handed out this morning to an unknown abortion client, and which had not been confiscated by Tiller's Security Guard.

Kim began reading the printed material. The more she read, the more uneasy she became about her decision to have an abortion.

When it was her turn, she politely declined to pay the $100 charge for the sonogram, even though she had enough money with her for the sonogram and the abortion.

The Security Guard let her leave, and she returned to the gate specifically to talk to the KCFL Volunteers at the gate. (She said that the guard was nice and that he let her leave without a problem.)

However, when she left Tiller's building, at about 1:30 pm, she was still 90% sure that she was going to have the abortion today …just not 100% sure about it. She wanted more information from us.

This was the first day on-site as a KCFL Volunteer for Tami Gates and her children, (remember they were here "by mistake") and Dennis Boone usually works late night shifts and other after-hours shifts.

Tami said to Kim; "I am sorry, but I really do not know what to do to help you. You got the B-team today… we are not the ones who usually work this shift!"

Dennis and Tami encouraged Kim to go over to Choices Medical Clinic, and she did park her car there. Unfortunately, Choices Medical Clinic was closed today, due to it being Good Friday.

As I usually do on Friday afternoons, I stopped by to check on things after attending the Pachyderm meeting at about 1:45 pm on Fridays. Today, Dennis and Tami were really happy to see me! But unfortunately I could do nothing to open Choices Medical Clinic either, and a free sonogram is what Kim wanted.

Kim agreed t

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