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INCIDENT REPORT:        Randy Blasi
Monday, January 8, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
4:30 PM6:40 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Randy Blasi and an unknown volunteer who was at the gate earlier today:

At about 4:55 pm, a young black lady, about 25 years old, who was driving a small blue Chevy two-door, with Sedgwick County, KS, tags, left Choices Medical Clinic, and waived to Randy who was at Tiller's gate, as she left southbound.

After driving a little ways, she stopped her car, and came back toward Randy, then got out of her car to talk to Randy, to thank him for being there.

She told Randy that she had been scheduled for an abortion, but when she got here earlier today, she decided to go Choices Medical Clinic first, instead of going into Tiller's for her appointment. (It is unknown whether her decision earlier today was due to a sidewalk counselor, or the Truth-truck, or someone's sign, or a combination of these. However, in that she came back to thank Randy, it is apparent that a volunteer at the gate had something to do with her decision to go to Choices Medical Clinic today.)

In any case, she was almost in tears while talking to Randy, and she said that after seeing the film at Choices Medical Clinic, that there was no way that she could go through with an abortion.

She was angry at Tiller, because some years ago, she had an abortion at Tiller's facility, and no one there had told her any of the things that she learned at Choices Medical Clinic today. She now feels terrible about having had the abortion years ago. She told Randy that she will never have an abortion again.

Randy assured her that we all have done things we now regret, and that God is always willing and happy to forgive us. She said that she had already asked for God's forgiveness.

As she was talking, she began to get more and more emotional. Randy gave her a hug when she began to cry, and it must have been the right thing to do, as she held on to Randy for several emotion-packed minutes.

Before they parted, Randy and this young lady exchanged contact information. Randy assured her that we are here for her and her baby now, and in the future. Randy also told her that if she ever needs help, even after the baby is born, that she should call him, or simply come back and speak to any volunteer who is at the gate.

Tiller OUT at 4:42 pm.
Gate Closed: 5:23 pm.

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