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INCIDENT REPORT:        Dale C. Weldy
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
7:01 AM9:18 AM
  TURN-AROUND - (Upgraded to CONFIRMED SAVE on May 21, 2008); Dale Weldy and Donna Lampkin:

At about 9 am, a Champaign-colored Chevy with a personalized KS tag, (Number Withheld) came northbound on Bleckley Street, and blinked for a turn onto the driveway of the Tiller Abortion Facility.

Dale was able to stop the car before it got to Tiller's gate. Two Hispanic ladies, one middle aged and one in her mid 20's were coming in for a scheduled early-term abortion. Only the younger lady was pregnant. However, they were both willing to talk to Donna and Dale and were willing to consider other options.

After a few minutes of conversation, at Dale's and Donna's urging, they backed-up their car, and entered the proLife Choices Medical Clinic parking lot, which is located next door to the Tiller Abortion Facility.

At the time of this report, 9:20 am, both ladies are in Choices Medical Clinic, being assisted by the good people there.

<UPDATE 2007-Jun-27> by Donna Lampkin:

Upon leaving Choices Medical Clinic, Donna talked to the pregnant lady, and among other things, offered to give her a baby blanket. The baby blanket was accepted.

However, Donna wants this categorized as a "Turn-Around" rather than a "Confirmed Save" because the young woman is very early in her pregnancy, and because she did not get a verbal commitment from the conversation with her that she was certainly keeping her baby.

<UPDATE 2008-May-21 Noon>

>>> Upgrade to CONFIRMED SAVE <<<

Jennifer McCoy, learned through a neighbor named Rhonda, (Phone 337-6138 or 263-8812) that Rocio, the above young lady who was scheduled for an abortion on June 27, 2007, and who was turned-around at the gate by Dale Weldy and Donna Lampkin, and who accepted a baby blanket from Donna, has had her baby!

Praise God!

The beautiful baby girl was born on Saint Valentine's Day, 2008, and hence was given the name Valentina.

Arrangements were made for Rhonda, Dale Weldy, and me (Mark Gietzen) to meet with Rocio and her baby, Valentina, at 10:30 this morning, to do an interview and to take some photos of the baby. Rhonda would act as an interpreter since Rocio does not speak English.

The interview and photo session was wonderful.

Little Valentina has a full head of long black hair - more hair than I have ever seen on a 3-month old baby in my life! She loves to smile, and she even tolerated Dale and myself holding her for awhile.

In the interview, I asked Rocio what made her change her mind about having the abortion.

At first she did not know how to answer the question.

Then I suggested some possible options: "Was it something that someone at the gate said?

(She shook her head in the affirmative when Rhonda translated my words.)

Was it the Truth-truck?... (Again she shook her head in the affirmative.)

Was it the Literature… I understand that Donna had some Spanish language literature for you? (Again an affirmative response.)

So I said; "What was the one main thing that we did right to help you change your mind?"

When Rhonda translated that to her, she thought for a few second, then said: "It was the Crosses."

(Rocio has a Catholic background - but her current church status is unknown.)

We invited Rhonda, Rocio, and Valentina to come to the June 5th meeting of the ProLife Unity Group, and she accepted our invitation.

<UPDATE 2008-May-21 4:30 pm>

In preparation to update the KCFL web-site, I called Rhonda to see if she would object to my posting her phone numbers on this Incident Report.

Rhonda gave her approval, and then gave me some fascinating additional information about this incident:

As Rhonda read through this Incident Report, of which she had no prior knowledge, she was amazed by the detail of their car and of the accuracy of the events at the gate.

Rhonda should know, because SHE IS THE OTHER LADY who came to the Tiller Abortion Facility with Rocio.

(Note both Rhonda and Rocio have the same last name, and they come from the same general area of Mexico, but they are not related

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