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INCIDENT REPORT:        Richard A. "Rick" Moss
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:45 AM2:00 PM
  At about 12:45 pm, while KCFL Volunteer Rick Moss, was on site, two unknown teenaged boys who were apparently well-intended proLife volunteers, but who are NOT members of The KCFL team, showed up on-site and began talking to Rick.

As cars would go in, they called out to the abortion-clients, hoping to dissuade them from having an abortion.

Tiller's Security Guard, "Ken" showed up at the gate, and got into an argument with the teen boys. Threats were made between them.

Ken wanted the teenagers to stop calling him by his first name, but, according to Rick, one of the teens continued to use Ken's name, and this made Ken mad.

Faith Klug, another KCFL volunteer who was on site at the time of the incident, said that Ken demanded: "…You keep MY NAME out of YOUR MOUTH!"

As long as Ken stayed on Tiller's property, and the teenagers stayed on the public sidewalk, nothing happened, but eventually, Ken came out of Tiller's parking lot, and onto the sidewalk, where he continued to argue with the teenagers, and with another man who was there with the teenagers.

At least part of the argument was about the photo of the dead baby on the side of the Operation Rescue Truth-truck, which was parked nearby, on Bleckley Street, adjacent to Tiller's gate.

The teens were trying to get Ken to admit that the photo displayed on the Truth-truck was that of a baby, but Ken insisted that it was nothing but a photo of "medical waste".

This was particularly upsetting for one of the teens, because his older brother or sister was killed by Tiller in an abortion in 1989 at this facility; ...and in 1995 his mother committed suicide. Although there is no proof that the abortion and the suicide, six years later, are directly linked, this teenager is nevertheless sensitive to the plight of both his older sibling, and to the plight of his mother.

During the argument, according to Rick, Faith, and other onlookers, Ken was so nervous during the incident, that he was shaking. In spite of the fact that Ken is approximately twice as large as the teenager, he looked like he was going for his gun during the argument, having undone the strap on his firearm holster.

During the heated exchange, Ken physically pushed the teenager who had stepped close to him.

The confrontation kept escalating until Rick Moss placed himself physically between Ken and the teenage boy who had been pushed.

After Ken pushed the teenager, someone, (unknown) called the police, and two Wichita Police Officers showed up on-site. They viewed Tiller's security camera footage, and took statements from Rick, Faith, and others who where on-site.

It is unknown if any charges will be filed.

<< UPDATE 2008-Nov-6 >>
Upon learning more about this situation, and the danger that was present on-site yesterday, I (Mark Gietzen) called John Rayburn, the owner of Diamond Security who employs Ken, at about 11:45 am, in the hope of preventing something more serious from happening in the future.

John said that he already talked to the police about it, and did not want to hear any more about it. He wrongly assumed that the teenage boys, whom I have never met, are part of the KCFL Team, saying "…you better get more control of your people!" before hanging up.

I attempted to call back, but he hung up the instant he knew it was me.

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