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INCIDENT REPORT:        Irma S. Schmidt
Friday, June 20, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
4:12 PM6:14 PM
  TURN-AROUND # 1 and # 2; David and Irma Schmidt:

At about 4:20 pm, two pregnant young (about 25 and about 23 years old) long dark-haired, Hispanic, ladies who parked their car on Orme Street, came walking past Choices Medical Clinic, and were headed into Tillers gate when Irma and David stopped them.

They were willing to talk, and both David and Irma speak Spanish fluently. They said that they were going in to Tiller's for a pregnancy test, but both of them already knew that they were pregnant.

The older one is 3 1/2 months pregnant, and the younger one is between two and three months pregnant.

Apparently, the pregnancy test was to determine the age of the fetus, to determine how much it was going to cost each of them to kill their unborn child.

Irma, who grew up in Puerto Rico, could recognize from their speech, that these two young ladies are from Mexico, because of the dialect of their Spanish language.

By the grace of God, Choices Medical Clinic was open late, and David and Irma were eventually able to get both of them to go over to the ProLife Choices Medical Clinic. The young ladies stayed in for about one hour, and apparently it was a successful session.

At 6:04 pm as I was arriving for the closing shift, Choices was still open, having been held up by these two late Friday afternoon visitors. Marilyn, from Choices Medical Clinic cannot reveal any private medical information, but she had some positive words for me.

These two Turn-Arounds prove that it is possible to save lives on ANY shift at Tiller's gate, not just on those shifts where clients are coming to keep their appointments.

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