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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Friday, January 27, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:30 AM3:15 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE: At about 2:20 pm, two Hispanic-looking ladies in a car with Sedg Co. KS tags, stopped on their way out of Tiller's Parking Lot and told Donna that they had changed their mind about having an abortion. They spoke with Donna for a few minutes, long enough for Security Guard Carl Swinney to come out and chase them away. It is not known what caused them to change their mind, only that they stopped voluntarily to tell Donna that they had changed their mind. They seemed to be happy with their decision to keep the child.

In a separate incident of interest, a pregnant black woman, about 30 years old, in a car with Pennsylvania Tags, who Donna recognized as one who had been in at Tiller's, earlier in the week, showed up in the Choices parking lot. She walked into Choices, but did not stay long - just a couple of minutes. Being from Pennsylvania, we expect it to be a late-term abortion, and Tiller is the abortionist on the Calendar this week along with Abortionist Robinson. If she is going through a normal routine with Tiller, her baby would already be dead this late in the week, waiting only for a delivery of the dead baby's body. However, if she had changed her mind earlier in the week, it is possible that she is still pregnant with a living child. (We are not counting this as a Save nor as a Turn-Around until and unless we get more information.)

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