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INCIDENT REPORT:        Joseph Elmore
Saturday, November 1, 2008
Shift Start:Shift End:
1:55 PM3:37 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Joseph Elmore:

On a Saturday afternoon, with Tiller's gate closed and locked, the last thing expected was the news of a Confirmed Save! But God works in unexpected ways.

(For Background Information See the Incident Repot dated, October 16, 2008, under the name Joseph Elmore.)

This story actually begins on Thursday, October 16th, when Joe Elmore, a Black KCFL Volunteer, was working with two abortion-bound Black ladies on the same day. One was a college-aged lady, who Joseph successfully re-directed to Choices Medical Clinic. That wonderful story is told in the Incident Report dated October 16, 2008. The other abortion-bound client was a 14 year-old black girl who was being bought into Tiller's by her mother.

In the October 16th Incident Report, it was noted that Joseph was unable to meet with the college-aged pregnant lady when she left the proLife Choices Medical Clinic, because he was engaged in a conversation with the mother of the pregnant 14 year-old Black girl. The mother of the 14 year-old pregnant teen is named Wynona.

After speaking to Joseph at Tiller's gate, on October 16, and after she took literature from him, Wynona nevertheless took her pregnant daughter into Tillers, where it was determined that she was 16 weeks pregnant. An abortion was scheduled, and the price for this planned killing was set at $5000.00.

Wynona did not like the idea of her daughter having an abortion, however she decided that it would be best for her, in part because her daughter is a Cheer Leader at her High School, and this pregnancy would mean that she would no longer be on the cheer-leading team.

Today, Wynona came to the gate, hoping to find Joseph to let him know how things turned out. Fortunately, Joseph was there.

On the day before the scheduled abortion, Wynona's daughter ran away from home, and was gone for a week. The Wichita police were notified, and she was apparently listed as a missing child.

When Wynona's 14 year-old daughter came back home, she made it clear that she did not want to have an abortion, and Wynona instead took her to a real doctor.

Wynona now feels that the Hand-of-God was guiding her daughter, and she is thankful that they did not go through with the abortion, because the doctor who is caring for her daughter told her that due to her daughter's medical condition, and due to the unusual position of the baby, there is a good chance that her daughter would have bled to death during the abortion.

Wynona has an older sister (the 14 year old girl's Aunt), who is unable to have children of her own. When she heard about the situation, she immediately asked to adopt the baby, and arrangements for that adoption are underway right now!

Wynona, and her daughter, feel much better about the way things turned out, and she cannot even bear to think of how she would feel if both her daughter and grandchild had died in an abortion.

By the Grace of God, this has turned into a Win-Win-Win-Win situation.

A WIN for the baby, a WIN for Wynona's daughter who had the nerve to leave home rather than to go through with an abortion followed by a possible life of regret about having killed her first child, a WIN for Wynona who now sees the wisdom of Joseph's advice for her, and a WIN for Wynona's sister, whose loving arms are counting the days until the arrival of this once abortion-bound child!

Please say a prayer of Thanksgiving for this wonderful outcome, of what could have been a tragic event in these four lives.

Thanks to Joseph and other ProLife volunteers around the nation who take a shift at the gates of America's abortion facilities, not every baby scheduled to die by abortion, actually dies.

At the Tiller Abortion Facility in Wichita, Kansas, about 4% of the babies who are scheduled to die by abortion, are saved.

Wynona gave Joseph her phone number and contact information. We hope to be able to update this story when the baby is born in 2009.

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