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INCIDENT REPORT:        Stuart K. Bensch
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
3:00 PM6:45 PM

Ever since Tiller’s Security Guard, Carl Swinney, lost his driving privileges, his parents have been here from Coffeeville, Kansas, providing transportation for him, in his own car.

At about 5:40 pm, as Carl’s Dad and Mom were coming in to Tiller’s parking lot to pick up Carl, KCFL volunteer, Stuart Bensch took a picture of Carl’s car as it passed him.

This upset Carl’s Dad, and he stopped the car in the middle of the parking lot, rolled down his window, and began yelling at Stuart.

He demanded that Stuart tell him why he had taken his picture, and threatened Stuart with bodily harm if he were ever to post that photo on the "dammed internet!"

Stuart responded by taking another picture of him.

This irritated Carl’s Dad even more, and he slammed the car into "Park", threw the door open, and got out of the car to fight with Stuart, leaving the car idling with the door open in the middle of Tiller's parking lot.

I, Mark Gietzen, had been applying a ProLife message on Tiller's driveway with sidewalk chalk, and in an attempt to avoid a fight, I greeted Carl’s Dad and offered to shake his hand, as he came past me, on his way to attack Stuart.

A bit confused, Carl's Dad, a man at least in his 70's, stopped and accepted my handshake. Then he asked me, who the hell I was?

I introduced myself.

Seeing what was going on via his security camera, Carl Swinney came running out of the building, calling to his Dad. At about that time, Stuart took another picture, and Carl’s Dad went running after Stuart, wildly swinging his fists at him. Stuart ran away from him to avoid being hit.

Carl went running after his Dad, who was running after Stuart in the area of the driveway, Bleckley Street, and on the grass where the Crosses normally set. (We had just picked up the crosses, or some would have certainly been broken.)

It was a sight to behold, …three men running around like school kids, with Carl's Dad yelling obscenities at Stuart, and Carl trying to catch his aging, but agile father.

Eventually, Carl caught his Dad from behind, and wrapped both arms around him to restrain him from flailing his arms at Stuart. Carl then twisted his Dad’s arm, bringing his hand behind him, and walked him back to his car, police-officer-style.

Carl's Dad did not want to cooperate, but Carl maintained control of his Dad via the twisted arm and with his other hand on his Dad's shoulder. During this time, Carl’s Dad continued loud cursing and yelling. Most of his threats were directed at Stuart.

After locking the door to Tiller’s building, Carl and his parents left, with his Dad driving. From the expressions on their faces, everyone in the car left mad. Apparently, I was the only one who saw a little humor in the whole affair.

Note: Earlier in the day, Carl had taken a picture of Stuart, using his security camera. Wanting to intimidate Stuart, he printed Stuart's photo as an 8 x 10 inch close-up, then he sent it out to Stuart via a man whose girl friend or wife was in for an abortion, a man who strongly objected to Stuart being there taking photos.

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