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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Monday, March 12, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
2:30 PM3:40 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Donna Lampkin, Colleen Farran, Kaleen Farran, Gail Richardson, and Kevin Weber:

At about 2:22 pm, a young dark-haired lady, a middle-aged lady, and a 6-month old child in a car seat, who were in an older, 4-door, white, Pontiac Grand Prix, Kansas Tag RWO-____ (number withheld), came southbound on Bleckley Street, intending to turn into Tiller's parking lot for an early term abortion.

However, as they came down the street, the Truth-truck caught their eye, and instead of turning into Tiller's parking lot, they simply stopped in the middle of the street, behind, and beside, the Truth-truck, which was parked on Bleckley Street, directly across from Tiller's gate. They stayed there and looked at the Truth-truck from close range.

According to two KCFL Volunteers who were on-site at the time, Colleen and Kaleen Farran, the two women in the Pontiac just stared at the Truth-truck for about 5 minutes, parked in the middle of Bleckley Street, where they could view both the back and left side panel of the Truth-truck.

Colleen attempted to communicate with them, recommending that they go to Choices Medical Clinic, and she offered to help them.

One of the ladies respond that; they were okay [not in need of help]. However, Colleen reported that the younger dark-haired lady appeared to be distressed.

Nevertheless, they apparently listened to Colleen's advice, because after driving around the block slowly, they entered the Choices Medical Clinic Parking Lot.

Another KCFL Volunteer, Gail Richardson, was also on-site at that time, but she was at the end of her shift. As Gail was preparing to leave, she made contact with the tall young dark-haired lady, just as she was taking her 6-month old child from the car in Choices Parking Lot.

Gail reported: "I just looked admiringly at the child, from the sidewalk and said, "Precious."

She said, "I know." and went in to Choices Medical Clinic.

It was at about that point in time, that Donna Lampkin, who was not scheduled to be on-site today, just came by, to see how things were going.

Shortly after Donna arrived, at about 2:30 pm, the middle-aged Mother / Grandmother, came out of Choices Medical Clinic, leaving the tall dark-haired younger lady and the baby inside.

Donna Lampkin was able to engage this lady in a long conversation, while the younger dark-haired lady, Regina, was talking with a Choices Medical Clinic Counselor inside.

Regina is the mother of the 6-month old baby, and is also 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. In addition to the 6-month old child who was with her, Regina is also the mother of two little boys.

They were considering an abortion because of the family's financial situation.

However, after viewing the Truth-truck they decided then and there, that instead of going into Tiller's, that they would go to Choices Medical Clinic, to see what they had to offer first.

Donna said that the lady asked her if, "...what they told them in there (Choices) was true?"

Donna said that once presented with the facts, that the lady felt guilty for even having considered an abortion.

At 3:20 pm KCFL Volunteer, Kevin Weber, came on-site, to replace Colleen and Kaleen Farran. Shortly after Kevin arrived, Regina came out of Choices Medical Clinic and talked to Kevin and to Donna Lampkin.

Donna Lampkin offered a baby blanket and some baby clothing to Regina, which she gladly accepted.

The "confirmation" on this Confirmed Save is so strong that Donna said that there is no need to put their vehicle on the watch list to see if they return for an abortion.

Like so many people who come in for an abortion, this pair, Mother and Daughter, had no idea that an abortion was actually the killing of a human child, - "that was already alive". They had no intention of going through with their plans to abort the youngest member of the family, once they were exposed to the facts.

Even though Regina has three other children, she was not aware of the facts about the early development of the child in the womb.

It was providential that the

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