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INCIDENT REPORT:        Mark S. Gietzen
Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
5:05 PM6:54 PM
  Closing Shift: At about 5:50 pm, Randy Blasi and I were standing on Bleckley Street, looking at the approximate 1-foot-square block of concrete gutter, positioned at the edge of Tiller's driveway, where Randy occasionally kneels to pray.

Randy had started to tell me about what had happened yesterday, but he had not yet gotten to the part about what Abortion Nurse, Stacey Pack did to him yesterday, when this incident occurred.

(To see what happened yesterday, go to: www.kcfl.net, then click on: "Project LPPPA" and then on; "Incident Report 2006-Apr-04, Dale Weldy")

In any case, I am planning to write a letter to the Wichita City Law Department to get clarification on City Code in regards to the legality of kneeling on a City-of-Wichita gutter, and I was getting information and measurements in preparation for that letter when this incident with Abortionist Tiller happened.

At the time, there was no traffic on Bleckley Street, nor in Tiller's parking lot whatsoever. However, as we were talking, we heard a vehicle in Tiller's parking lot. It was Tiller's vehicle and he was driving his green Jeep.

After backing out of his parking garage, Tiller paused momentarily, facing us, just looking at us. (Randy and I were standing on Bleckley Street, immediately next to the "center-gutter-block" where Randy occasionally kneels to pray.)

To our surprise, Tiller floored his accelerator, and aimed his Jeep directly at us!

He was accelerating rapidly, and as he got closer, I could see that he was not smiling. (At first I had thought that he was just trying to scare us playfully, because Tiller often does odd things as he comes and goes. Sometimes he gives us the stiff “middle finger”, or he holds up a framed cut-out of an Eagle Cartoon from December 2005, which he keeps in his Jeep, that depicts me as a crazy reindeer... sometimes he pretends to laugh at it, while pointing at it, or at times, he just gives us a seemingly friendly toot-toot of his horn as he passes dangerously close, with no harm intended ...just to scare us.)

As he was coming toward us, I thought that he was going to veer to the left, or to the right of us, and simply leave, as this is his normal time to go home for the day.

However, as Tiller got closer to us, he did not veer left or right, as I expected that he would. Rather, he aimed his vehicle directly at us, continuing to accelerate as he got closer!

As he came through the gate, he was going too fast to make a turn without hitting his brakes, and at the very last minute, he hit his brakes to allow a turn and avoid hitting the Truth-truck. The Truth-truck was parked on the west side of Bleckley Street.

We would have jumped out of his way immediately, but we did not know which way he was going to turn, north or south, on Bleckley, and we did not want to step into what would have been his normal path to leave.

In any case, Tiller certainly did scare us, and as he got close, I could see from the expression on his face that he was very mad, and that he was not joking around.

As he came upon us, and a collision was imminent, I dashed to the south, and Randy went north to get out of his way!

However, as I took steps backwards and south, I used my hands, placed on the hood of his vehicle to keep from being hit by it. Tiller responded by intentionally steering toward me, hitting me in both legs with his front bumper, pushing me with his vehicle about three feet. His headlight hit my buttocks and I was hit on my right elbow and my right hand, thumb and index finger by his fender and or his left side mirror.

By the time I was clear of his vehicle, Tiller was already going much faster than normal for departing traffic. He came very close to, but did not hit the Truth-truck. He continued the maximum acceleration, as he sped south on Bleckley.

Randy and I were silent for a minute or two, totally shocked and in disbelief at what had just happened!

Since Tiller had steered toward me, he missed Randy. Randy asked to see how badly I was hurt. Randy had heard the sound

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