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INCIDENT REPORT:        Kevan Myers
Saturday, January 4, 2014
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6:00 AM12:00 PM
  CONFIRMED SAVE (Aid-for-Women; Kansas City) 1 save! Kevan Myers, Nathaniel, Gene Frye, Puyin Bai:

We were not able to get her name, but she clearly told me that she was not going to have the abortion. Her mother brought her and left after awhile, but she wouldn’t talk with us. The young mother sat in the glassed in front-room, and I pled with her through the window. She finally called a guy (boyfriend, friend, brother—I don’t know which), and he came and got her, and they left. He didn’t look too pleased, but he told me that [someone was a hero for changing her mind], because he came and got her. Praise the Lord!

(Kevan's Text to the Aid-for-Women volunteers): We are so happy to announce that a baby was saved just a few minutes ago! The abortion mill is open today after a long holiday break and it was fast filling up with girls who wanted no help! But one young woman, brought by her mother (who then left her there for an abortion) sat outside crying, obviously in turmoil. After prayer, much prayer and pleading, she called for a young man to come and pick her up! …maybe a brother? We aren't sure!

"I'm not going to do it!" came out of her mouth as they left.

Praise God with us!!!!! Please pray for this young girl who does not have support from her mother and yet chose a brave course. Please pray for the safety of this precious child in her womb! She was not open for any more conversation and did not take the packet we hand out with numbers and info. Pray that she will find a place like advice and aid pregnancy center who will rally around her! Pray that she will find Christ, the ultimate help and healer of her situation!

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