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INCIDENT REPORT:        Jennifer (Sperle) McCoy III
Thursday, January 16, 2014
Shift Start:Shift End:
10:00 AM11:53 AM
  CONFIRMED SAVE (Jennifer McCoy): During the exact time that the employees of the South Wind Abortion Facility had planned to kill Elizabeth’s baby, Elizabeth was instead with Jennifer at the nearby restaurant, pouring her heart out, and accepting Jennifer’s offer of help from KCFL. By the Grace of God, her unborn baby is safe and unharmed.

Here is what happened earlier today:

Elizabeth, 37 years old, is from Hutchinson, KS, and she was a little confused with the unfamiliar streets as she approached the South Wind Abortion Facility from South Bleckley Street.

As she got closer to the driveway of the South Wind Abortion Facility, she saw the sign that reads: “Every Abortion is a Cruel and Barbaric Act of Violence!”

Elizabeth cannot read English, but fortunately, the accompanying photos on that sign needed no interpretation, and upon seeing the graphic images, she simply could not turn her car onto the driveway of the abortion facility!

Elizabeth’s car came to a stop – awkwardly and illegally parked on the wrong side of Bleckley. Tears were flowing, because she could not do what she felt that her circumstances forced her to do!

Elizabeth had been praying as she drove from Hutchinson, asking God for a “sign”. However, when she saw the graphic KCFL “sign”, it was not what she had hoped for; she wanted this dreaded morning to pass quickly and easily.

Then it was, as if an Angel appeared!

Jennifer McCoy appeared over her left shoulder, out of nowhere, and she was offering to help her… and none too soon!

In the next moment, the Security Guard at South Wind, Carl Swinney, was at her car window, asking Elizabeth: “Do you have an appointment at South Wind?”

When Elizabeth indicated “YES”, Carl demanded that she back-up and enter the Abortion Facility Parking Lot!

Jennifer assured Elizabeth that Carl could not make her do that. Elizabeth trusted Jennifer and moved her car to a legal parking place, and did not enter the abortion facility, as Carl had demanded.

As the mother of four children, 19, 15, 10, and 7, Elizabeth knew that she was carrying a child, just as Mary was carrying a child when she came to Bethlehem a long time ago. However, that was only one side of the coin in Elizabeth’s mind.

On the other side of the coin was another reality!

Elizabeth’s husband, the father of her four older children had left her and divorced her, leaving Elizabeth alone with the burden of raising the children. One of the children is disabled, and is wheelchair bound. Elizabeth has many unpaid bills, and she is 3 months behind on her rent. She is facing eviction, and would have nowhere else to go if evicted from her home.

With money in such short supply now, how could she ever care for one more?

KCFL agreed to pay one month of Elizabeth’s $350 rent – and with that and the cost of an under $15 meal, a child’s life was saved today!

In exchange for our offer of help, Elizabeth has promised to call KCFL as her resource of last resort – and to never-again call an abortion facility! (See News Story)

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