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INCIDENT REPORT:        Cheryl S. "Cheri" Jones
Monday, April 3, 2006
Shift Start:Shift End:
4:30 PM6:43 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Cheri Jones:

At about 4:40 pm a young woman from Minnesota came out of Tiller's and approached Cheri Jones at the gate. She is about six months pregnant, and Tiller had refused to start the abortion procedure on her because, she is high on methamphetamines.

Earlier in the afternoon, before Cheri got out on-site, this girl's boyfriend, and another young man who is with them (neither of whom is the father of the unborn baby) got mad at Tiller and or his staff, and left Tiller's abortion facility without this young lady. The young lady had approached Cheri primarily to ask to use her cell phone, to call her boyfriend to have him come and pick her up.

Cheri was able to talk with her for about an hour, and she counseled her against having the abortion. (Choices Medical Clinic was closed for the day). Cheri also offered to give her a ride to the Holiday Inn, after she got off of her shift. While Cheri and her were talking, the Security Guard came out with some of the young lady's belongings, and handed them to her.

At about 5:45 pm, Cheri called me, (Mark Gietzen), to let me know what was going on, and to request immediate help on-site, so that she could leave with the pregnant girl.

I got there, as soon as I could, but Terry Read had already showed up, by the time I got there, and Cheri had taken the girl to the Holiday Inn.

Cheri helped her get in contact with her boyfriend, and she also offered her literature and any other help that she may need. Later, Cheri was also able to counsel the boyfriend, and got a commitment from him, that he would support her in not having the abortion.

The abortion was going to cost about $6000.00, but money was not a problem for this girl and her boyfriend.

NOTE: Donna Lampkin reports that this lady, plus two young men, in a black compact car with Minnesota plates, had stopped at the gate earlier in the day and accepted material from Ellen Travis and Donna Lampkin. They gave her the Press Release on Christin Gilbert's death and she looked at it. The girl seemed willing to talk at the gate, but they moved on in and parked in order to keep from blocking traffic.

<< UPDATE 2006-Apr-04 >> Cheri called and said that she was able to get the girl to go to Choices Medical Clinic today. Her name is Nicole, (unsure of spelling.)

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