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INCIDENT REPORT:        Judi Weldy
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
7:00 AM8:30 AM
  CONFIRMED SAVE; Dale Weldy, Judi Weldy, Linda Arensdorf and Donna Lampkin:

At 8:06 am, a late model, tan, 4-door, Kia with Missouri Tags (rental car) approached Tiller's gate. The car was occupied by a 22 year old Caucasian lady from Reno, Nevada, who is 24 weeks pregnant, and her mother who lives in Oregon.

They came to a full stop at Tiller's gate to accept printed material from Dale & Judi, and they remained there for several minutes to talk. Both women in the car are devout Evangelical Christians. On their way to Tiller's they had been praying for a miracle.

They even apologized for coming in for an abortion, saying that they did not want an abortion, but that they had no choice in the matter, because it was a medical necessity!

The pregnant daughter had been told by her doctor in Reno, that she MUST have an abortion because her baby has dwarfism, water-on-the-brain, and has an enlarged head, so-much-so, he told her, that if she carried the baby to term, that a natural delivery would likely cause her to die.

Fearing that Tiller's security guard would be out at any minute to usher them in, Judi moved the conversation …and them, to the ProLife Choices Medical Clinic next door, by urging them to get a free sonogram.

The free sonogram sounded good to the young lady because although her doctor in Reno had done a sonogram, he would not let her see her baby's image on the screen.

KCFL Volunteer Linda Arensdorf went with them to the proLife Choices Medical Clinic, and the first thing that they did, was to call Tiller's to cancel their 8:30 abortion appointment. The call to Tiller was placed via speaker phone, and Linda over-heard Tiller's staff telling them that they would keep the schedule open for them until this afternoon.

The young mother, and her Mom, stayed in Choices Medical Clinic most of the morning. I, Mark Gietzen, took a shift to fill an open-hole in the schedule before noon, and their car remained in Choices parking lot during that time.

Later, after seeing the sonogram of her baby, and after receiving a printed picture of it, the young mother came out to Tiller's gate and showed the sonogram photos to KCFL Volunteer, Donna Lampkin who by this time had started her shift at Tiller's gate. The baby is clearly a little boy!

As it turned out, the baby does have indications of dwarfism, however, there is no water-water-on-the-brain, and no enlargement of the baby's head whatsoever. In fact Choices Medical Clinic Staff told them that she will most likely be able to have a normal delivery.

The young mother had been told by her Doctor in Reno that she was five months pregnant. At five months, the abortion was going to cost $4,500 plus an additional $1,500 for prescriptions and other miscellaneous costs, for a total of $7,000 at that stage of pregnancy.

However, she is actually 24 weeks pregnant, (Six months) and as such, the abortion would have been much more expensive, (and, for what it is worth, against Kansas State Law).

Later in the afternoon the young lady and her mother left Choices Medical Clinic, and they came over to the gate again. This time to accept a gift of baby-boy clothing from Donna Lampkin. They also wanted Judi Weldy's phone number, which Donna allowed them to copy from the KCFL Schedule.

The mother (grandmother) called Judi Weldy, thanked her for being there this morning and promised to call back when the baby is born. There were tears of joy among both the would be Tiller clients, and the KCFL Volunteers.

These two ladies came in this morning praying for a miracle. It appears that their prayers were answered in full. THANKS BE TO GOD, who worked through these volunteers at the gate!

<< UPDATE 2008-Feb-11 >>
Choices Medical Clinic has received word that the baby was born and is free of any defect whatsoever.

<< UPDATE 2008-Feb-12 >>
Operation Rescue did a nation-wide Press Release on this story as follows:

Healthy Baby Narrowly Escapes Late-Abortion At Tiller's Clinic
February 12th, 2008
Misdiagnosis raises more questions abou

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