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INCIDENT REPORT:        Donna Lampkin
Thursday, September 20, 2007
Shift Start:Shift End:
11:30 AM3:00 PM
  TURN-AROUND; Donna Lampkin & Margaret Mans:

At about 1:30 pm, a blue car with Kansas tags, carrying one Caucasian lady alone, came into Tiller's parking lot. However, instead of parking where the clients normally park, she parked on the south side of the lot, near the gate where Donna was standing.

Not able to see Tiller's entry door from that position, she came walking out to the gate, and went north on the sidewalk, looking for a door to get in to the building. The lady was emotionally upset, and had tears in her eyes.

When she got to the gate, Donna urged her not to go in there and kill her baby. Donna pleaded with her to go to Choices Medical Clinic next door, where she could get any help that she needed.

The lady paused momentarily, then continued walking north on the sidewalk, looking for a door to get in to Tiller's building.

She walked slowly, all the way to the north side of Tiller's building, before she realized her mistake and came walking back again.

As she came walking back toward the gate, south-bound on the sidewalk, Donna again approached her and tried to talk her out of having the abortion.

Seeing what was going on via his security cameras, John Rayburn, Tiller's Security Guard, came rushing out to keep this potential client away from Donna. He ran up to her, and took her by the hand, and led her back into Tiller's parking lot, and towards the entry door.


The lady was still crying softly, with tears visible on her face, as she went past Donna, with John Rayburn, "pulling" her in, …in a friendly way, but faster than she wanted to go.

Then, in what appears to be a direct answer to the prayer, at approximately 1:50 pm, she came back to her car alone, having not been in long enough to have had an abortion. She exited Tiller's parking lot, and went directly over to Choices Medical Clinic, as Donna had asked her to do!

She parked her car, and went into Choices, where she stayed beyond the end of Donna's shift. (She actually stayed in Choices Medical Clinic until 4:14 pm.)

John Rayburn, Tiller's Personal Body Guard, and today, acting as Tiller's Security Guard in the absence of the regular guard, Carl Swinney, was angry about the whole situation.

In retaliation for what Donna had said and done, John Rayburn came to the gate with a container, about one pint in size, that contained a dark and extremely foul-smelling substance. (Some KCFL Volunteers later identified the substance as a sportsman's product called, "fish bait".)

He opened the container and set it just inside Tiller's fence on Tiller's property at the gate, but only about three feet away from where Donna and other volunteers who stand on the sidewalk near the gate, stand.

Fortunately, there was a light wind that kept most of the foul smell away from the volunteers most of the afternoon. However, as the wind calmed down, late in the afternoon, the foul odor became nauseating and very unpleasant at the gate.

At least one passer-by, who is unknown to any of the KCFL volunteers, also had to endure the foul smell as he walked on the public sidewalk past Tiller's.

A photo of the container, and one of John Rayburn retrieving it at the end of the day, were taken by Mark Gietzen who came to get the Truth-truck for the evening.

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